Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Do you know where Viktoria's family is? We really need to talk!

Ok, people.
You read my blog.
You have at least thought about adoption.
In your heart you know you are wondering when is the right time.


This is from an email I received today from Olga, an adoption facilitator in Ukraine:

A couple of months ago I e-mailed you the picture of one girl, she is HIV positive. Her name is Viktoria, 2003 d/b. I am e-mailing you this picture again.The thing is that this child is placed currently at the specialized House for Babies with special needs, next September she will be moved to the other orphanage as a child older then 9.
Today I talk to her doctor and she is really concerned about the girl. So far I decided to request you to tell the story about this girl to the Project Hopeful families.
Here is the story of this girl.

This girl, Viktoria by the name, was born in 2003 by the HIV positive mother. By the birth she was diagnosed as HIV positive child of IV clinical stage. From the moment of the birth she took anti HIV virus therapy.
By the moment she has zero HIV virus loading.

Till the age of seven Viktoria lived with the mother and thus she has all skills of everyday life as any home child does.

At the age of seven after the mother’s death Viktoria was placed at the specialized orphanage for children of special needs. No one among close persons of the mother’s community or any one of the relatives expressed the desire to adopt her or take under the custody.

It was hard time for Viktoria. The period of adjusting to the orphanage conditions took a long time. Currently she feels comfortable at the orphanage, psychologically steady and has made a lot of friends among the children of the orphanage and school.

The girl is attending classes of the second grade. Her teachers characterize her as a very diligent, attentive, hard working, and very creative girl.
From what the caregivers told she is a child with a big heart, caring, affectionate.
Victoria is very tactful and polite with the teachers and caregivers and friendly with the children.
She likes to playing outside, watching TV, doing things with her own hands. She can spend hours to embroidering, painting.
This girl is very homey. She really needs a family.
Moving to the other orphanage can be a great stress for her and no doubts it is a risk for her health condition. She really needs a family.
She is available to be adopted internationally.

Hope the girl will find her family and in my turn I promise to do my best to serve and to promote this adoption as quick as it possible.

I know Olga personally. Her heart is for these precious children. If she expresses this kind of concern for a child, it must be serious. I know that Olga will move mountains to make this adoption as rapid and smooth as possible.
If the Holy Spirit is speaking to you right now, don't quench Him. He has the most wonderful plan for you. Don't let fear of finances, of change, of the unknown, keep you from what He would have you do. You DO NOT want to miss out on God's grand adventure.
Contact me, NOW! Lets get this going. She needs you!


Jo's Corner said...

Hi Traci ~ What a beautiful little girl! Oh, how I would love to be her Mama! I don't think it's possible, due to my own health. Traci, would you mind if I shared your post on my blog? I will direct folks back to you. I so want her to have a family and I will work to help get her to her family.
God Bless you! ~ Jo

traci said...

Please, never hesitate to share anything I put on my blog. you don't even have to ask.
I ache so for these kids.

Anonymous said...

I will re-post as well. She is such a beautiful girl with such a sincere smile. I just know her parents will find her!

Cynthia said...

As you know, we are in the process of an adoption of twins, but keep me posted. Surely, there is someone out there but if not.... well...just keep me posted. I will blog about her as well. What a sad story and hard life this poor baby has had!

Anonymous said...

Traci, I will be praying for this sweetie.

Blessings on her, kelly

Anonymous said...

Btw, is she at 33?

Mommy Grits said...

Traci, I sent you a message on FB..I am looking for your number to call you. :)

HuntFamily said...

Any luck finding a family...what a precious child!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been following your blog. But I would love to hear more about Viktoria and about international adoptions. My husband and I are trying to adopt, but we have felt uneasy about international adoptions.

Chelsea Bergeron said...

Has Viktoria found a home? We have a daughter from Thailand that is positive, and we are hoping to adopt again :)

Holly said...

Hi Traci,

Has Viktoria found a home? I'm interested in learning more about her.


traci said...

Vika has a family coming for her!!! Thank you dear friends for praying for her, and thank you dear one for recognizing that You were her family!!! You know who you are!
Keep praying for Vika and her family as they move mountains to make this possible.

Kyle said...

My husband and I are very interested in pursuing Victoria, if, as you said in your last post, she is still available. I would love to be put in contact with Olga. Please?

Kyle Montalbo
Kyle Montalbo at gmail dot com

Jojo said...

Has Vicktoria found a family? My husband and I are very interested?

traci said...

Someone has just accepted her referral at the SDA!