Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where is their family?

Meet Vika, Alina, Masha, and Sasha.

Aren't they beautiful?

They have a problem and we need to solve it for them. You see, they don't have a mom and a dad. They haven't had anybody since 2009. Masha turned 16 in the middle of December. There was no one to bake her a cake and sing happy birthday to her. So far, there is no one to shield her from the fact that if someone doesn't come quickly, before she turns 18, she will be escorted to the street and separated from her siblings. The only reason she has any hope now is because she has the 3 younger siblings. This allows her to be adoptable with them, otherwise she would already be beyond the hope of a mom and dad.
She wants to be a travel agent. She told me shyly that she would like a mom and dad. l She has struggled to do well in school, and in spite of missing so very many lessons, she has passed the trade exams.

My fear is that she will try to take care of her siblings herself. Admirable, but so very dangerous. The country they live in is a gateway country for human trafficking. Can't you see it? She is told about a great job opportunity that will allow her to care for her 3 younger siblings. She goes to the job interview and now she's trapped. Beaten and dominated, now she's a slave to the whims of people willing to pay for her.
This is not a worst case scenario. This is happening every day to the children that we, the church, don't help.


He is right. We are in a war friends, one that satan thinks he is winning. In the short term it seems he is. He has lulled us into such a coma of self-centeredness that we can't even think about doing something if it doesn't directly benefit ourselves. We don't want to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced. We don't want to do anything that effects our "safety."

I've said this before, if we are Christians, the sheep of His pasture, THE VERY CHILDREN OF GOD, how is safety even a concern? What safer place can we be than in God's family?

We are in a war.
Why does it seem that most of our soldiers are MIA?

I think I got off on a tangent here, but it's one that must be considered.

These children need a home, protection, family.

If it is you, please contact me. We don't have much time. Masha turns 17 in December. You must travel for them before then.

Let's begin.


Kelly said...

Hi Traci. I found your post from a friend on facebook. I will be praying for this sibling group. I am so encouraged when I see others using their voice to speak for those without. Your family is beautiful and your heart for the fatherless inspiring!

Jules Smith said...
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traci said...

I removed the last comment. I am tired of reading about adoption funding trafficking. If they would present any actual evidence that I could contemplate, that would be one thing, but I know personally the people working to place these kids and can assure everyone that trafficking is not happening here.
I met these kids. I love these kids. My husband and I are seriously considering these children for our family. If you have any support or help for us on that regard, please pray for us and feel free to share your insights. These kids need a home now. All we would need to do is build a bedroom in the basement and sell some dining room furniture to make room to build a table for 12, and I guess we need 2 more twin beds. As I type this, I believe it's totally doable. Pray for us!

TheLazyJ said...

Said a prayer for you! How exciting that you're feeling the call to bring these children home! Thank you for your tireless efforts for children. I agree, we're in a war, with many Christians MIA.

Positively Orphaned said...

Are any of them living with HIV? If so, I can advocate on PositivelyOrphaned.

traci said...

They are not HIV+. There are simply 4 of them and Masha is 17. Two serious hurdles. Masha is running out of time and home studies balk at 4 at once. They need a champion!
Who has some empty bedrooms just waiting to house these lovely children?
come on, people!

Charlene said...
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Charlene said...

I would love to get to know this precious family. I have recently started thinking seriously about adopting. We already have two children. My daughter is 11 and my son is 2. I always wanted a large family and have been thinking of adoption for over 20 years (when I was a teenager I dreamt of adopting once I was married). My hubby and I have been married for almost 17 yrs.