Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The first giveaway ends

Hello friends,
It seems only fitting that my first giveaway end the day before I have my first scheduled home study visit! That's right, March 1st we meet with our social worker and we begin getting all the paper and classes and preparation going.  if you still want a chance to win the Lladro, don't hesitate to click on the donate button to the right->
While that kind of stuff is what I normally handle, Scott has been busy as well.
When I told him that I thought these 4 children were ours, my precious husband smiled and quietly said, "I'll build another room."
He had already begun building a room for Hanna and Sveta to share, in fact he was close to done, but he set out to select the best place to put another bedroom in the basement.  It turned out that the best solution meant that he had to reposition the door of the room that was nearly done.  With the help of his buddy Kiel, they removed the door, studded the opening, and laid plans for the next bedroom.
The addition of 4 more children will put a strain on the 2 bathrooms we have in the house, especially since the 2nd bathroom in the basement had significant damage from a flood the previous owners suffered.  They waterproofed the basement but failed to remove the water damaged walls.  They simply left them covered by the dark paneling.  We discovered the deception and Scott had already removed most of the damaged materials.  This was better for our health, but left the user of the bathroom feeling somewhat exposed, since the back wall was missing.  So, in addition to the 2 bedrooms, he has expanded the size of the bathroom and made it a double room.  One half of the bathroom has a double bowl sink, and then there will be a pocket door to a 3/4 bath complete with shower and another double bowl sink.  4 kids will be able to brush their teeth at the same time!  Thank you IKEA for being inexpensive and targeted toward maximizing small spaces.  When the project is finished, I will share photos.
Why am I boring you with such details?  Mostly because I am so proud of Scott.  He always has a willing heart and he works so hard.  Also to show how having a large family in a smaller home can be done.  We live in a Chicago-style bungalow.  It is about 2000 sq ft including the basement.  I won't deny that a basement with above grade windows and a walkout makes basement bedrooms count, but there is plenty of room here.  The upstairs only consists of 2 bedrooms.  The boys all sleep there.  The main floor has the most rooms to include my bedroom and the room Dasha and Vika will share, the main bathroom, along with the kitchen, dining room, living room, the front porch/my office, and the school room (a 4 season addition that has windows all the way around.)  Downstairs in the basement is the laundry room, a family room, the 2nd bathroom, and the 2 new bedrooms where the older girls will sleep.  It works out to 2 people per bedroom, 4 people per floor. Unless we are all in the dining room, it's not that loud at our house.  Of course we are always in the dining room...you should come visit.

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