Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What does it mean to be 16?

Every girl looks forward to "SWEET SIXTEEN" doesn't she?

A big party
hopefully a driver's license...maybe a car!  (or access to mom's)
More independence
a first job
for some a first kiss (Not our daughters, Scott says not until they are 40, married, and out of the house)
school dances
fun with friends
It's truly a golden time for every young girl.


In eastern Europe, a child in the state system ages out at 16.
Where's the party?
the presents?
too much independence
the first job?
can't even think about the first kiss
school dances?
It is truly a dark time for every young girl.

What about a child with a disability?
The independence is gone and so is the freedom.  They become trapped within the walls of an institution.
if they are physically disabled, they are confined to a bed.
How can I rest when this is the truth?  How can I close my eyes and pretend it doesn't exist, that it's not my problem?
I can't.
It is my problem.
I am a child of the King and am commissioned to bring HOPE- the GOSPEL to all the world.
Because my Masha weighs so heavily on my heart, I am writing about girls, but this is true of precious boys as well.

My friend Julia dares to hope.  She dares to dream.  She dares to hope and dream BIG!
She has created a Mulligan stew of sorts to make a difference in the lives of so very many of these children.  She refuses to allow them to be forgotten, to live life never having known love.
Please friends, go to her blog and see the mighty works God is doing through her humble heart that dares to hope and trust our heavenly Father.  Click here to visit now. I pray you will consider joining her mission.


Unknown said...

Hi Traci, I first saw you on your video on project hopefuls site. I just wanted to say God bless you for your open heart to these children, what a testimony. I am part of the blog giveaway on Julias site and read there that you are adopting four more. I am praying for you and your family and hope that my small offering to help raise funds will be multiplied as Jesus multplied the fish and loaves and that you will receive what is needed for your adoption of these children. I would love to adopt, please pray the Lord would move the 2 mountans that stand in the way. I love you for what you are doing. Diana Tyree

carpenter said...

Hi Traci,

I found your blog by the Mulligan Stew giveaway. We are adopting Angelina Mariyana from Bulgaria and are listed on the giveaway. I had to see who was adopting the precious children in that photo and clicked. Our oldest is adopted from Russia and would be one of the children that you see in the photo that are confined to a bed had she not been adopted. check out our latest blog post to see her now at nearly 15 years old! We are praying for you and for the LORD to provide every thing you need! Keep your eyes on HIM!

blessings in Christ,
stephanie brian sasha ellianna avi and lina