Monday, July 9, 2012

Who wants an iPad?

if you are interested in helping two very deserving children get a mom and a dad, donate $50 to the Broscious family here.  After 100 people have donated $50, one of those people will be given an iPad. 

Here is who you can help today:   
About Helen and Haptamu: Helen is a beautiful, bright 15 year old beauty. She loves to dance and teaches all the children in the orphanage new moves. Haptamu is the little brother of Helen. He is 10 years old. A family that recently adopted a sibling set from Ethiopia sent an email to me telling me how much her children love and look up to Helen and Haptamu. Haptamu is said to take up for all the younger boys at the orphanage and that he is not afraid to stand up to the big boys when they are picking on the little ones. Dozens of families have returned from Ethiopia touched by these two amazing children. Their parents are both deceased and they want a family more than anything. They have had a family twice committed to them but the families live in countries that will not allow them to be adopted because of Haptamu's HIV positive status. Their hearts have been broken more than any child should have to endure. 

Family Story: We are the Broscious family from northern WV. We have four children that range from two years old up to 18. Our youngest was adopted from Ethiopia almost two years ago. My husband and I are both medical professionals that have worked with HIV positive patients for years. The stigma attached to HIV is unnecessary and needs to be dispelled. We were not looking to adopt a sibling set, but these two children stole our hearts and we know they are supposed to become a part of our family. We are stepping out in faith to adopt two of God's children. Please consider being a part of God's story for Helen and Habtamu. Our financial need for agency fees are 20,000 dollars. This does not include our travel and home study/dossier fees. Thank you so much for helping us on this journey and may God Bless you!!!

July 8, 2012 UPDATE: The Broscious Family has an immediate need for $4500 in order to maintain their referral! Please consider helping them with this short-term goal today!

Thank you, friends.

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