Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All out CRAZY!

After the awesomeness of the last post on Tuesday, who knew that Wednesday and Thursday would not go quite as well.  My daughter Sveta and I were scheduled to leave for Georgia to attend the Together for Adoption conference to man a table and host a break-out.  What could go wrong?

The day began with more email from my facilitator, but this one had a different tone: (I have highlighted every point that caused my heart rate to skyrocket)


I should have noticed this problem earlier, but I did not. I am really sorry about it.
The social worker made a mistake in you passport number in your home study. If you have a copy of the home study, please revise it and you will see on the first page, your passport number is different from the copy of you passport. There is a chance nobody will notice it, but there is also a chance they will see it and reject the dossier, because of this stupid mistake.
How fast can you correct it?
I was planning to submit the whole dossier on the 20th of September, which is Thursday. Do you think we can do it? If we are not able to submit the dossier on the 20th, the next time will be the 27th of Sept. In other words every Thursday.

Talk about knocking my hat in the creek!

So how fast could I correct it?  You know, since I'm supposed to leave for Georgia at noon and I still had to drive to Joliet to pick up a box of t-shirts to be sold for Village of HOPE.

Prepare to travel at the speed of TRACI!!!

This is what it took to make it happen:

Quickly found the error on my home study.  Made the correction and reprinted out the first page of the home study for reassembly.  Discovered that all of the margins were crazy and spent the next 20 minutes reconstructing the cover page.
Reprinted cover page.
Drove to Joliet at 9am an got the shirts.
Drove to Carolyn's house to have another form notarized.
Discovered I needed 2 home studies for submission but I only had 1.
Called social worker- no answer.
Called home study agency.
Re-called social worker and explained the problem.
Panicked when she said she may not have another original.
Waited for a call back.
Social worker had located an original and requested the correction.
New wrinkle- home study in Oak Park, an hour north of my house.
Drove to Oak Park and retrieved home study.
Drove into the city for Appostilles.
Gave explicit instructions to Sveta about where to take the paperwork while I circled the block on State Street so I didn't have to pay for parking.
Frantically called Sveta's cell phone 15 times as I watched her walk into the wrong building.  She didn't answer until I had circled the block once.  She had realized her error and went to the correct building next door.
I circled the block for over an hour while I waited for Sveta to return.  
Used that time to locate a FedEx office.  
Discovered one around the block.  I am not kidding.
Sveta finally came down right when I was passing the entrance for the hundredth time.
Drove her around the block and handed her a pre-filled out FedEx form and envelope.  
Stressed that delivery must be in 4 days. (this is how long the previous 2 packages took)
Sveta completed the transaction and states that delivery will be on the 17th.  Plenty of time for 20th submission.
We headed to Georgia around 3pm.

I wish I could say the saga ends there, but I would be lying.

Sveta and I drove a little over 300 of our 700 miles before turning in at a not so Super 8.
We collapsed into our beds and went to sleep.
Up at 4:30 am.
Decided that Sveta needed to experience WAFFLE HOUSE for breakfast.
Continued 400 miles to Georgia and arrived right on schedule at 3:30pm.

It is at this point that things take an unexpected turn for the worse.  I will just say that no orphan conference is complete without at least one hysterical adoptive mom, and unfortunately this mother was me.

What caused this explosion?  I decided to track The Package. 
The screen happily informed me that my package would arrive on the 20th by 6pm.


My heart was racing as my fingers punched, yes punched in the FedEx phone number.  
The string of unfortunate souls who had to handle my rapidly escalating call learned that hell hath no fury like an adoptive mother being told her paperwork was not going to get there on time.

I think it was when the person I spoke with told me, "Well, all I can tell you ma'am is that I HOPE it gets there on time."

This was a very poor choice of words on his part.

 (I will take this opportunity to remind you gentle readers that I work for Project HOPEFUL.  Did you catch HOPE in there?)


Yes, I really said that. 

The call ended with them letting me know that my package was already in Paris and that they would make sure it went on to Ukraine that night, but that FedEx is closed on the weekends in Ukraine and Kramatorsk is very far from Kiev.  
Yes, I know how far Kramatorsk is from Kiev.  I have been there.  I have driven 12 hours at 125 miles an hour from Kiev through Kramatorsk on my way to Donetsk.  I KNOW HOW FAR AWAY THAT IS!

So what is going to happen?

Well, subsequent calmer calls betwixt myself and Fedex as well as emails with my facilitator has the package being held in Kiev for Masha to pick up there.  She needs it in Kiev to submit to the SDA/DAP anyway.  
We believe it really will be submitted on the 20th, but we will have to wait until Thursday to find out for sure.  

stay tuned...


louisianaborn said...

My heart is in my throat. I am submitting this to the Lord and His ability & will to do what man cannot do.

Jill said...

Sorry, but I was chuckling through this whole thing as I can so relate! LOL For our last adoption, a friend hand-carried our dossier over, but missed the train to my facilitator by 3 min. So he sent it via some intra-country courier, then those crazy Ukrainian holidays..delay, delay, delay. BUT it got there in time! Whew...Praying yours will be all set to submit on Thurs. Oh, and yes, I too know how far Kramatorsk is from Kiev. It's far! Our youngest son is from there! :-)

Looking forward to hearing the good news on Thursday!

Amy DeClue said...

It wouldn't be a proper adoption without the craziness : ). Will be praying for timely paperwork arrival!

Scott Stevens said...

Just came across your blog today and really enjoyed it. Great work!

P.S. Something to consider... The stationary background makes it a difficult to read the text.