Thursday, September 6, 2012


I received word yesterday that my i171h was approved on September 1!  I should have it any day.  As soon as it is in my hot little hands, I will get the proper state seals and send the rest of my dossier to my facilitator.

Although I had hoped to at least gone to get my kids, if not home by now, I have adjusted my expectations and am pinning hope on sometime in October to travel to get my family.  Only God knows and while I like to plan, I recognize this is all in His hands and submit to his time frame.

Speaking of submission, the closer we get to making their adoption into our family a reality, the more I become aware that our lives are going to change- big time.
I think about each precious child entrusted to me so far and how I have been refined by their addition.  This refining process is on-going.  God is not done with each change and constant adjustments are being made.  Some I welcome and some I am more resistant to.  This is when the heat gets turned up on me and my kids.  They are being refined too.  It is layers of refinement.  Their resistance to refinement creates the climate into which I am thrust so that more of me can be pealed away so that more of HIM can shine through.

I get dizzy just thinking about it.

I can't help but think that God granting me 4 children at once is setting up for serious change, a kind of
"Extreme makeover- HEART edition" so to speak.

Oh Lord, drown out the whispers of doubt and fear and worldly conformity that satan uses to dissuade us from being transformed into your likeness. Fill my ears, my heart with the sound of Your name...


louisianaborn said...

Lord Jesus, put this family together in your perfect timing. Bring the preparation needed and bring peace to the hearts of these parents and their children. May your provision be made for these four precious ones and may your protection be around them until they are home with their family. It is in the exalted name of Jesus Christ this petition is made and all glory to His name!

traci said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer!