Friday, December 28, 2012

The waiting is almost over

I can't believe I have waited this long to post my news.  To be honest, once I finally got the news I have so impatiently waiting for, I needed to cherish it in my heart for a while.  I do however wish to share and know that so many of you whom I have never even met have been lifting us up so very faithfully in your prayers.

So here goes...



I've finally been able to declare what I have prayed so incessantly for.

We leave on Sunday January 13th.
We arrive Monday afternoon around 1pm.
Tuesday at 11am we have our fateful appointment.

We hope that Wednesday January 16th we hold the children we have been fighting for since this same date last year.

It is difficult to believe it has been a full year.

Please pray for us.  Pray for the children we leave behind and the children we travel toward.  Pray that all of our hearts will be strong during the separation and while God knits our family back together.

I will wrap this post up with what I write so often when I am excited:


Sunday, December 2, 2012


I have been remiss on blogging for a bit. I am struggling with the waiting and don't wish to bore you with my inner agony.

 But to catch you up, I have been waiting.
 and waiting
and waiting
and waiting.
 Waiting for 20 more business days to pass until that glorious time when I finally hear the words "I have your appointment date!"

 Yesterday made the 20 days.

 Today I expected those fateful words.

 Those words did not come. 

To be quite honest, I was up cradling my phone starting at about 3:46am. (ok, not about 3:46, exactly 3:46) In the dark, only the glow of my phone illuminating my hopeful face. The not-so-dulcet tones of my under-the-weather husband contributing to my insomnia. However the real cause was hope. Hope that I would be leaving soon. Anxiety tried to steal my hope. As the minutes ticked by and no answer came, doubt reared it's ugly head. Trying to turn me into:

 ANXIETY GIRL- able to leap to the worst conclusion in a single bound!

But the Holy Spirit was having none of it.
He whispered gently to my soul encouraging me that I was not alone.  From 4am until I finally got out of bed around 7, I read Psalms and sang praise music in my mind.  The praise songs were because a verse would trigger the song based on it.

I did not receive the email I am so desperate for, but I also didn't get an email telling me that we had been rejected again.  This most certainly would have come on Friday.

So from the comfort of my home, in the safety of my husband's arms, listening to the chorus of my children's voices, I continue to wait.