Monday, January 28, 2013

catching up.

For those of you wondering, I first wrote of our children here.  Six months later, we realized that we were their family after I wrote this.  It hit me how much I loved them here.

As for how things are going, we have lots of hang time.  Since the bus fiasco we have been hiring a driver.  We see them on Sunday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  Now that we are driving, I can't IMAGINE what it would have been like to ride the bus that far with these winter road conditions.  Many times a trip we slide perpendicular to the direction we are trying to go, we hit bumps and I have bounced out of my seat, I have hit my head on the roof of the van, but we have only had to actually push the van once.

Communication with the kids is always fun.  We speak almost no Ukrainian/Russian, and they speak little English, although as time passes it has become clear that they understand more than they let on.  I look forward to the benefit of the google translate app, but until then it has helped me decipher the wash machine.  As far as talking to the kids, we make a lot of faces and hand gestures, and we play a lot of card games.  They really love Uno.  They have a very beat up deck, and we play some fierce games.  They are trying to teach us Ukrainian rules to Uno, but we are unable to completely determine the exact way to play.  Mostly because after I try to use a move they have done, they tell me I can't do it.  I think they don't want me to win.
Here are some photos of the kids:  (the green dye is medicine for the chicken pox sores)

We have a court date set for February 5th.  We were hoping for sooner but the weekend, another family's adoption, and the judge's schedule dictated otherwise.  
On the days we don't visit the children, we actually get to spend time with the other family.  Meet our new friends Kim, Courtney, and Nastia Snodgrass.  They hail from Texas and have never adopted before or spent this much time in Kiev, so Scott and I are showing them the ropes.  We have walked all over the place and we took them to a great mall using the Metro.

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Jill said...

Great photos! In that picture, Masha could be your bio daughter! Love it! :-)