Thursday, February 7, 2013

So are we a family of 12, or what?

Short answer...
Long answer...
It looked like court was going to be a fail on Tuesday.  It was scheduled for 1:30, (lunch time for my kids) but the prosecutor was not there.  Around 3, I ran to the corner magazine (tiny store) and bought bread, cheese, bananas, juice and water for a courthouse picnic.
Finally, a little after 4:00, court began.  Everyone seemed pleased that we were there and that the children were joining the family.  They read over the paperwork, we petitioned the court for what we wanted:
favorable determination regarding the adoption
minor name changes, but not to date or place of birth
and recognize us as parents in the records.
One of the jurors, each court has 2 who represent the community and weigh in on the decisions, asked an odd question.  Our interpreter had trouble even grasping what he was asking.  It started with if we attended church.  We said yes.  He then wanted to know if the children did not want to attend the church of that religion would we make them go.  (this was after much confusion and re-questioning)
We stated that we attended a Christian church and that the children also currently attend a Christian church, because that is the practice of the church-run orphanage that they live in.
He pressed about if they wanted to choose another religion would we make them go to ours?
I finally said that it seems that it seems it is universal practice that children attend church with their parents if and where their parents attend, and that these children would attend church with us, but that we would never try to force their hearts to believe something that they didn't willingly embrace.
This seemed to satisfy his line of questioning and we moved on.
The session came to a close and we were asked to leave so the judge could make her determination.  Within minutes we were being congratulated on our new family.
Scott presented each of the children with a rose after court.  To ensure his masculinity, Sasha did not smile and held his like a rifle.  He is a man's man.
Scott left this morning (Thursday) and I will remain until we can all come home.  because my 10 days are up on a Saturday and the following Monday the office is closed, adding to that the fact that the embassy is closed the final Monday of each month, while I hope I am home by the end of February, I will not be surprised if our return is pushed into the very beginning of March.  I hope that things move at a supernatural pace and we are home before that, but know that what will be will be.  
While I wait I will be able to visit children in a hospital with a missionary friend, and have a new friend who is also here in Kiev that I have become close with.  We have a fast friendship forged by our Father in the fire of adoption.  Bonds of this nature are strong and true: shout out to Julia Nalle, Stephanie Nance, and the Yokums, to name but a few.   


Julia said...

YEAH!! YEAH!! Oh Praise God. That is such awesome news!! Praise God Praise God!!

Jill said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So VERY happy for all 12 of you!

TheLazyJ said...

Big Congrats to your WHOLE family!!! So happy for each of you! Praise God!!!

Hansina said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Cathy said...

Praise God! May you be all be safe and healthy and come home soon.