Friday, July 31, 2015

What's not happening

Ahhhhhh, summer.
The lazy, hazy days of summer.
The long boring, I've got nothing to do, days of summer.
The discontent, disappointing, death that are the days of summer.

The children in my house have reached this point.  In their defense, I agree with them.  It has been an exceptionally boring summer.  The weather has been so off that we have had no beach days, their father has been home since the beginning of May with some mystery illness that has stolen his energy and his fun.  I've had 2 surgeries, and while minor, one kept me in bed for a week recovering.

In times like these, conversations with my kids become a litany of what they don't have:
Why don't we have a pool?
My Ipod is broken.
Why can't I have an Iphone?
There's nothing to dooooooooo.
If I were the only kid, I bet you would buy me an iphone.
Why can't I
the list goes on.

I begin a different conversation along this vein.

Sweetheart, were you scared today?
No, why would I be scared?

Honey, were you sick today?
No, I feel fine.

Baby, were you hurting today?
Nope, I feel great.

finally, were you hungry today?
Well, at lunch time I was a little hungry so I made a sandwich, whenever I'm hungry I just go get something.


My children went years where these were true every day.
Not just scared, but terrified.
Not just sick, but dangerously ill.
Not just hurting, but actively abused.
Not just a little hungry, but starving and malnourished.

With the meeting of needs comes the amnesia of comfort.  While the scars of the past remain to continue with their destructive power, active and present pain is quickly forgotten and replaced with dissatisfaction.

We focus on what we don't have, while failing to see what we no longer have.

It's true of all of us, but for our children from hard places, it is so blatant that it hurts to behold.

I imagine it is even worse for God to see it in us.

He is Jehovah-Jireh- the Lord will Provide, but we live scared, sick, hurting, and hungry because we don't trust Him.  We say we believe it, but our actions prove that we do not.  We don't believe that we are safe in the shelter of his wing, we don't believe that we will be healed, here or in heaven, we are hurting, but we don't ask The Great Physician to heal our wounds. We are starving to be filled by Him, but we desperately chase meaningless pursuits for fulfillment.

Today I want to encourage you to see what is not happening today, and thank God for
the blessing of what is not happening today.


Sue G said...

I appreciate your writings. They hit home many times. Thanks!

Jenny said...

really enjoyed this!