Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remember Vika?

I'm sure you all remember Vika.  If not, you can read about her here.
Many of you were moved by her story and expressed an interest in becoming her family.  A wonderful family stepped up and began serious pursuit of her adoption.  Months passed and paperwork was done. Travel was imminent, but something happened.  The family needed to pull out of the adoption.  They were very upset to realize this.  It was a very difficult decision to make, but there it is.

Vika still needs a family.

Is it you?

If it is you, please let me know.  I can help connect you with the proper avenues to make this happen.  She needs someone to come soon.

Friday, June 22, 2012

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is YES on your lips?

We have 6 kids.

All of them have come to us through adoption.

We are seeking to adopt four more.  

I'm sure many people think, and some even say out loud, "What are you thinking?"

It's a valid question.  

What are we thinking?

We are thinking that we must be about our Father's business.  I wouldn't have chosen on my own to adopt a sibling group of four to add to our international Brady Bunch.  That was the definite work of the Holy Spirit.  He has made it abundantly clear to us that He has chosen us and will equip us for every good work.  In our pursuit to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God, we have been shown how He would like us to go about doing this to His glory.  We are to do it by saying yes.

We have no money.
"Say yes."

We have a small house.
"Say yes."

We already have six kids.
"Say yes."

It will be difficult to get our home study approved.
"Say yes."

Every concern we could imagine laid before the Lord, and His answer remains the same.
"Say yes."

There comes a point when each believer needs to decide if they really believe or not.  If they trust God or not.  If  their life is a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable or not.

If you have determined that you believe, your only response can be YES.  There is nothing else we can give to the father except our obedience through our faith, so we must SAY YES.


As for us at the Heim house, this is what he asks of us.  Our yes changes the future for someone just like this:

My friend Hansina and her husband are in Eastern Europe right now adopting a sixteen year old boy.  This is from her blog today:
When the judge read the court's notes, it said that no one ever visited Andrey in the orphanage and no Ukrainian wanted to adopt him. He sat there with his head down looking at the floor. How must he feel?

I can imagine how he must have felt to hear that, I mean he's lived it for years, but I can tell you for certain how it made me feel to read it.  It broke my heart open wide all over again.

Every time God asks me to say yes to one of His children, I know that this was true for them.  That no one came to visit them.  That no one in their country could or would adopt them.  I know that our YES made that statement NEVER TRUE AGAIN.  OUR YES ASSURES THEM THAT THEY ARE LOVED AND WANTED.  OUR YES GIVES THEM A FAMILY.  OUR YES TURNS THEIR SORROW TO JOY.

We say yes because I can't imagine living having given any other answer.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Be a part of the miracle!

Sometimes you get to read an amazing story and delight in God's work.
Sometimes you get to be a part of it.
Please read this story and respond generously.  Be a part of something beautiful.
You can add to the beauty!

My dear friend Julia shares it so eloquently here.