Monday, May 31, 2010

I have a date!!!

It is official! My very wonderful Ukraine team, Meredith, McKenna and Chris, not to mention Andrea Roberts, all emailed me on this holiday to tell me that my SDA appointment date is June 17th. Not only that, but I sent an email to Golden Rule Travel just to let them know I would need to order tickets, expecting to be contacted tomorrow, but a super nice lady named Shawnna emailed me for some information and eventually called me.
I have already purchased tickets!
On a holiday!
When the office is closed!
She was worried that with only 2 weeks before the flight seats would be difficult to secure so she did it today!
And even on top of that, we will be leaving on the same flight with my dear friends Tim and Cindy Allen, who are adopting 8 year old Irena!
Every sentence needs an exclamation point!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I have awesome friends, but first, a little house keeping

I have received news that the family who were trying to adopt the 3 girls, 15,11 and 5, are unable to bring them home. I have not been told why, and my heart is still breaking for these girls. I thank you for your love, prayer and generosity for these girls who desperately need a home.
If you think you might know of a family, please contact me. They would need to move fast! It would be difficult but not impossible to do. I know who my Father is, and he can move mountains.

Moving on, I just want to share with you what awesome friends I have. This weekend, Bridget and Cindy threw a surprise adoption shower for me.

Really, I hadn't showered and I was wearing a hat to hide my bed head. I was overwhelmed. The joy and generosity from all the ladies there blew me away! Well, actually, there was one man there, Shane Lewis, you are a very comfortable person. He had no problem being immersed in so much estrogen. You my friend, are brave. I didn't notice if you cried.
I was showered with children's books and gift cards.
So beautiful.
Unlike me.
A hat.
I bought it for airplane head. I guess it works for bed head too. I just really would have taken a shower.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

If the Gospel really is Adoption

This was said at CAFO. Adoption is not the gospel, but the gospel is adoption. That is a beautiful sentiment.

Is it true?

Is the gospel adoption?

Let's see. What is the gospel?

In a previous post I said the gospel was:

Through the death and resurection of Jesus, we have been adopted into God's family. THAT'S THE GOSPEL.

Here are the dictionary results for gospel and redeem according to the theological definition of each.

(theology) The proclamation of the redemption preached by Jesus and the Apostles, which is the central content of Christian revelation.

(Theology) to deliver from sin and its consequences by means of a sacrifice offered for the sinner.

So can we agree that Jesus redeemed us through his DEATH.

Literally HIS life for OURS.

So how do we apply this concept to our adoptions? To us as adoptive parents? If we really believe that The Holy Spirit has "called" us to the adoption of our children, then literally, these adoptions are OUR lives for those of our children. The DEATH of our lives, a sacrifice offered to redeem these children.

Our old lives are gone. They no longer exist. they have been sacrificed to redeem our children.
We don't get it back.
It has been forfeit for the needs of our children.

This is what we have done by saying YES to the Holy Spirit's call.


We hear an aweful lot about how really we are the ones who have been blessed and saved, (to include my own voice) and it is true. I have been immeasurably blessed by the adoptions of my children.
Unfortunately it seems such focus has been put on the residual blessings reaped from adoption, that the true cost is never evaluated.
Well, at least not until we look around and we realize that HEY, where are all of MY residual blessings. I'm not seeing any, and actually, this is really not great. In fact, it's kind of horrifying!


I don't feel safe in my own home. He doesn't love me, much less appreciate me. True, her life was a full on horror prior to living with me, but I've chosen her. I've redeemed her. I have given him a better life. I can't possibly stave the tide of limitless need.
If this is how it is going to be, I take it back.
I won't pay the price.

Is this our gospel?

Jesus begged for the cup to be passed from him, but submitted His will to that of His Father.
This is what has redeemed us.

What has redeemed our children?
Our life if it doesn't hurt too much.
If it doesn't cost too much.
As long as the blessings out weigh the stresses, I am in.
I hear you Lord. I will do what you say as long as you provide enough money that I don't have to sacrifice what I already have.
If I am blessed with smooth transitions and children who fill my love tank.

This is not what I want to base my obedience on.
I can do nothing.
Only the Holy Spirit in me achieves anything of value. Unless he redeems our children through us, there will be no redemption.

I stand on the brink of another adoption. Some may say the "riskiest one yet".

I know her name.
I know her birthdate.
I know she has HIV.
I know nothing else.

The Holy Spirit has impressed upon us the need to be her family. He is not just asking for our time and our money. He is seeking once again to redeem a child;
our lives for hers.

I do not know what the future holds.
Will she love us?
Is she autistic?
Will she have reactive attachment disorder?
Will she be out of control?
Will she die?

Do I really understand that this is what it means to give up our lives for hers? That I am saying "YES" to these unknowns.
With HIS help we are embracing all of it, knowing that there is not promise of any blessing from this act of obedience other than the hope that one day we will here these words: Well done good and faithful servant!
(Matthew 25:23)

Oh Lord, give us strength.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to help

In my last post I asked for assistance for an adoptive famiy.
Tax deductible funds can be sent to:
Beyond the Cross
C/O Fisrt Assembly of God
1608 N. Oak St
Rolla, MO 65401

Please indicate that funds are for the Inman family. You will recieve a receipt for your taxes.

In the unfortunate event that this adoption fails to happen, the funds would be placed in an account for Artem, the boy I featured earlier.

My prayer is that this does not fail. That we, God's people, rise up as his hands and feet and do what we can, give funds, so that this precious child is rescued from her dark future.
read about her at

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can you help?

"Their church thinks they don't need more children, plus it is a very
small church, so there is not much help likely to come from there."

This quote comes directly from correspondence between me and a woman desperately seeking funds for a family racing against the clock to bring home a Russian child who will turn 16 in four short months. In addition to this desperate girl, they seek to adopt her 11 year old aunt (yes, aunt) and Yuliana, the HIV+ girl I wrote about recently.
I was contacted to see if I knew of any resources (money) that this family could take advantage of. I suggested a number of grant funds, but I asked if they had approached their church for assistance. I said that unfortunately, the church can be hit or miss, but when it was a hit, it was a beautiful thing.

It did not turn out to be a beautiful thing.


Why does it seem that the one place that it most definitely should not be about self, reacts in a way that turns a full-on need into some one's frivolous desire?

"Their church thinks they don't need more children... there is not much help likely to come from there."

A child is months from the streets, but this family doesn't "need" more children.

They are right.

This family does not "need" more children, but there are children who sure do NEED this family!!!

Please, I am begging.
IF you have anything you can give, anything at all, please contact me.


but this family doesn't need more children.

My heart is broken.

Monday, May 3, 2010

It has happened!

On Thursday, I received the exciting news that, yes, my dossier was submitted. I can expect a travel date within 2 weeks.
The very real fact that I have a daughter waiting for me just got real-er.
I was at CAFO when I got the email. CAFO is Christian Alliance for Orphans, Summit VI. It was a very powerful place to be. It really put adoption into perspective. They said that adoption was not the gospel, but the gospel was adoption. Through the death and resurection of Jesus, we have been adopted into God's family. THAT'S THE GOSPEL.
Many excellent contacts were made, I hope to tell you about some exciting happenings soon.
I was also interviewed for a documentary. I don't know any details about it, but it was a new experience to be filmed offering any deep thoughts about adoption. She asked me 3 questions and I cried while answering 2 of them. Well teared up during the first question, and really blubbered durring the third.
In the third question, she asked me to explain what "It's not about me" meant. This is what the Project HOPEFUL shirts say.
I told her that when a person is adopting, everyone always consoles them about the long wait, any delays, and just how frustrating the whole process can be. While not denying that those things are true, I said that it's not about MY wait. I can wait as long as it takes. While I wait, I have a home, a family, a warm bed, all the food I need or want, money to buy what I don't have, and a family who loves me.
I can wait.
What cannot wait is my daughter. While she waits, she is sick. She is hungry. She is alone. She doesn't know that she is loved.
So, it is not about ME. It is about HER.






someone like you to show them the gospel, what it means to be redeemed and welcomed into a family just like we have been welcomed into God's family.

And not only this, but also we ourselves, having the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our body.
Romans 8:22-24