Monday, May 31, 2010

I have a date!!!

It is official! My very wonderful Ukraine team, Meredith, McKenna and Chris, not to mention Andrea Roberts, all emailed me on this holiday to tell me that my SDA appointment date is June 17th. Not only that, but I sent an email to Golden Rule Travel just to let them know I would need to order tickets, expecting to be contacted tomorrow, but a super nice lady named Shawnna emailed me for some information and eventually called me.
I have already purchased tickets!
On a holiday!
When the office is closed!
She was worried that with only 2 weeks before the flight seats would be difficult to secure so she did it today!
And even on top of that, we will be leaving on the same flight with my dear friends Tim and Cindy Allen, who are adopting 8 year old Irena!
Every sentence needs an exclamation point!


Lisa said...

Hooray! And on my bday too! What a wonderful day for you!!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

EEK! I don't even know you. Why do I have tears in my eyes? That is so soon!!! I'm so excited for you right now.

Our journey following Christ said...

You're right...with news like that, every sentence DOES deserve an exclamation point!! Or TWO!!


Welcome to the Lazy J! A "Ranch" where God is at work! said...

Hooray!!! Get packing Girl!!!

Anonymous said...


Bridget said...

I can not wait...I am so blessed to be your friend and so honored to be the one who gets to keep an eye on your children that are not going with you. I am looking forward to seeing you return with your newest family member!!!!!! GO HEIMies!!!!! Love you ALL!!!!

Melissa said...