Monday, May 24, 2010

I have awesome friends, but first, a little house keeping

I have received news that the family who were trying to adopt the 3 girls, 15,11 and 5, are unable to bring them home. I have not been told why, and my heart is still breaking for these girls. I thank you for your love, prayer and generosity for these girls who desperately need a home.
If you think you might know of a family, please contact me. They would need to move fast! It would be difficult but not impossible to do. I know who my Father is, and he can move mountains.

Moving on, I just want to share with you what awesome friends I have. This weekend, Bridget and Cindy threw a surprise adoption shower for me.

Really, I hadn't showered and I was wearing a hat to hide my bed head. I was overwhelmed. The joy and generosity from all the ladies there blew me away! Well, actually, there was one man there, Shane Lewis, you are a very comfortable person. He had no problem being immersed in so much estrogen. You my friend, are brave. I didn't notice if you cried.
I was showered with children's books and gift cards.
So beautiful.
Unlike me.
A hat.
I bought it for airplane head. I guess it works for bed head too. I just really would have taken a shower.


Bridget said...

ok I really love you and you are on deserving friend. All you do is with pleaseure so this was done in honor of your pleaseure for my children and all the other women who see your heart. The hat looked great btw but me in the pic YUK! Hope you have all you will need to get that little one all she will need. God is giving her the forever gift and the family to shower her TRUTH! Keep me posted on the upcoming travel and we will keep praying for HIS WILL TO BE DONE!!!

Shane said...

Ha Ha! When in Rome they say! Somehow I was totally at home amoungst all those women, maybe i'm ready for my girls, what do you think?

We are sooo happy for you and your family! Traveling with the Allen's? That can only be GOD!

Love you guys!