Friday, January 20, 2012

do you think this would be of interest?

in our former lives, when we only had the million dollar family (one boy & one girl), as opposed to the incredibly blessed, God designed family we have now, we were exceptionally loose with our money. Well, Scott was incredibly indulgent of me and bought me lovely useless things.

So very many things.

Well, now we would rather have more people in our home than more things in our home, so perhaps we could put these things to use in helping with that shift.

I have the above figurine. Just lovely. At the time it was reflective of our family make up. Now we have 6 kids and counting from 3 different countries. Not so reflective anymore. It has been in a box in my attic for over 4 years. It is in mint condition with all packaging and paperwork. It's original value was $830. (Yes, he was very indulgent.)

Do you think people would be interested in a give-away for $10 a donation?

I haven't set it up yet, but I was hoping to gauge interest. I think God is planning something big for our family and He will provide. However, we can also clear out unused things to help pay for all the paperwork.

What do you think?

If you don't like this one, I have more.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where is their family?

Meet Vika, Alina, Masha, and Sasha.

Aren't they beautiful?

They have a problem and we need to solve it for them. You see, they don't have a mom and a dad. They haven't had anybody since 2009. Masha turned 16 in the middle of December. There was no one to bake her a cake and sing happy birthday to her. So far, there is no one to shield her from the fact that if someone doesn't come quickly, before she turns 18, she will be escorted to the street and separated from her siblings. The only reason she has any hope now is because she has the 3 younger siblings. This allows her to be adoptable with them, otherwise she would already be beyond the hope of a mom and dad.
She wants to be a travel agent. She told me shyly that she would like a mom and dad. l She has struggled to do well in school, and in spite of missing so very many lessons, she has passed the trade exams.

My fear is that she will try to take care of her siblings herself. Admirable, but so very dangerous. The country they live in is a gateway country for human trafficking. Can't you see it? She is told about a great job opportunity that will allow her to care for her 3 younger siblings. She goes to the job interview and now she's trapped. Beaten and dominated, now she's a slave to the whims of people willing to pay for her.
This is not a worst case scenario. This is happening every day to the children that we, the church, don't help.


He is right. We are in a war friends, one that satan thinks he is winning. In the short term it seems he is. He has lulled us into such a coma of self-centeredness that we can't even think about doing something if it doesn't directly benefit ourselves. We don't want to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced. We don't want to do anything that effects our "safety."

I've said this before, if we are Christians, the sheep of His pasture, THE VERY CHILDREN OF GOD, how is safety even a concern? What safer place can we be than in God's family?

We are in a war.
Why does it seem that most of our soldiers are MIA?

I think I got off on a tangent here, but it's one that must be considered.

These children need a home, protection, family.

If it is you, please contact me. We don't have much time. Masha turns 17 in December. You must travel for them before then.

Let's begin.