Sunday, June 20, 2010

quick update

Ok, so here's what's happening:
On Thursday, a revised and DCFS approved homestudy was sent to CIS. Another copy was given to my friend Melinda, who took it downtown for an appostille, then she FedExed it to Ukraine. We expect it Wednesday. There was some additional concern about the way that document was notarized, but we have been assured that it should be acceptable. That is the best reassurance I can get, so we're going with it.
The driver is here.
Gotta go!
Baby here we come


Shannon- said...

Oh my gosh, I'm dizzy reading all these last minute updates. God really puts the right people in your life to pull off a stunt like fixing all this paperwork. Wow congrats!!

sue said...

Love the picture! She is just adorable and it sounds like her personality is also! So happy for you! It is exciting to hear more. Tell Sveta, Megan says have fun with your little sister!