Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The need is real

the following is a story about a boy that underlines why I advocate so strongly for orphans. The children are real, the problem is real and we MUST be the solution.

This story is about the blond boy in the middle of the picture. His name is Davids. His 16th birthday is coming up in days which means several things to an orphan. First, it means they are about to age out and can’t be considered for adoption. Second, it means that they are on the path to leave the orphanage and will soon be on their own. Third, it means life as they know it now; the little food, shelter, protection and security they currently have is almost gone. In the first year after a child leaves an orphanage, nearly 15% commit suicide.

A few months ago Davids was given the most hoped for news: a family was coming for him. He had been sponsored in America for the summer and shortly after returning to Latvia he was asked how he liked America. He explained he loved it, and it was more than he ever imagined! He was asked if he remembered a particular man who came to meet him and spent time with him the week before he returned to Latvia , and he exclaimed, “Oh Yes and we had fun!”
This man and his wife had decided to adopt Davids. When he was told, his look was utter shock! He questioned, “Who, me?”
They confirmed that it was indeed him.
He shouted, “Oh yes! VERY VERY much YES! And they want ME?”
Davids was the happiest kid on the planet that day. His dream was coming true.

Last week, an email was sent from his adoptive family… now just days before his 16th birthday. It basically said they felt that they would adopt a girl they met (which was planned all along), but they no longer wanted to adopt Davids. They had changed their mind. The next day, an unsolicited email from Davids' social worker in Latvia was sent. This is what she wrote:

"Hello Le Ann,
I wish to ask you about one of our boys, his name is Davids T. He was hosted Summer 2010 at a host family in IL. Since he was close to 16, we got information and you shared with him that there is family who will adopt him. It was not the family who hosted him, but another one.
Till this day we never received more information about the adopting family, and we confirmed that the Ministry also has no information yet. I must share, we are all worried and concerned. Davids became so nervous in this last month, his attention to everything is gone. Yesterday he was moved to hospital, because of problems with his stomach relating to the stress of not knowing. We know this all is because he is so close to his 16th birthday; it's on 23 January this year.
We don’t know what to say and can't say anything to Davids because we don't know. It will be a shock for him if it's not true, he has so long lived with this thoughts focused on this adoption and a family in America .
We wish to know the truth to share so he can know and be happy again.”

They have tried to contact the adoptive family and explain, show them, what their decision has done to this child. So far, there is no response, but more importantly, there is no time with only a few days that remain for someone to file the I800 with USCIS to adopt Davids’. It has been explained to his social worker in Latvia what the full situation is, and as a strong Christian, she has agreed to pray earnestly with us for a new family to come forward for this child! The adoption agency who was working on this case has agreed to do everything they can to expedite the adoption and assist where possible to get them through the system.
If you or someone you know is interested in moving NOW to adopt Davids’, this is what needs to happen:
1)You must already have an approved home study issued by a Hague Accredited adoption agency in the USA . It must be able to be amended to show you are approved for at least one child, a boy, who is age 16 or under.
2)You must be willing to file with the USCIS the form I800, which will specify Davids’ as the child you intend to adopt, and it must be received prior to January 23, 2011. If done, this gives the adopting family 180 more days to complete the adoption.

Please join us in immediate prayer and action to locate and identify Davids’ Forever Family!!! You are out there somewhere and God knows exactly who you are and He doesn’t make mistakes. We just need to get the word to you about him.
Le Ann Dakake, Director of Hosting Programs, New Horizons for Children 678-313-8321 cell
Cathy Sawyer, An Open Door Adoption: 404-667-0694


Lisa said...

Traci, Thanks so much for posting this!!! Did you know this is the boy your kiddos met while you were getting Dasha??? He is so wonderful and deserves so much! Thanks for helping getting the word out! Anyone can contact me for more information!

traci said...

I did not know that. I was just so moved by this. It is breaking my heart. I assume they met him while at Melinda's. I missed so much this summer.
Oh Heavenly Father, we know you can move heaven and earth. Please move them for this precious child. Mobilize your people to action.
In the name of Jesus, Amen

Lisa said...

Yes, we were at Melinda's for the day! :) The day Liam met his biggest fan in your son :) This whole thing has turned my world upside down the past couple days, but I'm standing in amazement at what God is doing even now as I type. So many emails, a reporter called today from a newspaper for an interview, on and on... Praying HIS plan, not mine be done!

traci said...

I called the kids upstairs to ask if they remembered Davids. They all shouted YES! We love him!!! He is the BEST! They can't understand why he can't come live with us. I had to explain that while we are willing, there is simply no way that we could have the papers by the 23rd. I only found out about it today.
They said, "Not even you can get it done, Mom?"
I didn't realize they believed in me so much, but I guess they did watch me get the Ukraine dossier together.
I wish I could.

Melissa said...

Miracles happen, every day Traci!

PRAYING HARD for Davids!



Anonymous said...

Praying for this young man!