Monday, January 5, 2009

A little more about Christmas

I realize that with our ski trip so close on the heels of Christmas (we left on the 26th), I failed to mention my Christmas gifts. I think it is always important to share what I got for Christmas. I like to let people know just how much better my gifts were than theirs. I am only kidding. I really don't participate in gift trumping, but I think if I did, I would win this year. Na Na Na.
To prove it, I was given a scratch off lottery card. It's value was $10,000. When I looked at it, I said, "Wow, wouldn't that be cool? We need about $10,000 to complete our adoption."
I got a coin and started scratching.
1st number: $10,000
2nd number:$10,000
not too excited yet, they always tease you like that with 2 matching numbers. I have 6 numbers in total to scratch off.
3rd,4th and 5th numbers: not $10,000
6th number:$10,000.

I look again. $10,000

look one more time $10,000

I WON $10,000!
I WON $10,000!
I WON $10,000!

By this time Scott realized that I am not joking. The kids are trying to get the card and look at it but Scott shoos them away, he doesn't want anything to happen to the ticket.

I WON $10,000!

Then I get this feeling like this can't be real. I look at my in laws, the darling gift givers, and I say, "This isn't real, Is it?"

That's right folks, totally fake.

TOTALLY FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who are the sadistic jerks who came up with this idea? It has to be the cruelest thing I have ever experienced.
I played it off really well. Even Scott didn't realize how crushed and foolish I felt. Seriously foolish. Talk about the donkey ears award. That's what I really got. Donkey ears. Hee Haw!
So that is one of the gifts I received.
Care to top it?


Meg DeZutti said...

I got a rotary cutting tool for sewing/quilting and some Bert's Bees chapstick...but I really wanted both of them and they weren't booby-prizes, so NOPE, you win this round my friend!

Super Mom said...

That is the saddest story!

Easties and Co. said...

That is the worst joke on someone...seriously. Awful. Do they really want to go there...I mean now you have the chance to get them back. Scary! :)

On a lighter note, my husband and I will often torment each other with an occasional...
Him-"Are you ready for the chocolate cake now or should we wait an hour or so?"
Me-"Yum, now!"
Him-"Well, we don't have any cake so too bad."

Anyway, I'm so glad you guys passed court! :)