Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm getting into the swing of things

Well, I thought Scott was going to write on here already, but he's not feeling well so I will use this chance to brag on the kids.

Can I just say that it is clear that God knows what he is doing? He has hand picked 2 more kids to bless me with and I can't get enough of them.

Let's start with Biruk. What a blessing. Right now he is on the quiet side because he is learning English. he understands A LOT and speaks some, but when he does speak is is kind words to his new brothers, encouragement to Hanna and affection to Julia. He is already leading by example and guiding Andy and Mel in ways I never imagined. He plays table games with Mel and when Mel tries to sneak one by him he doesn't get mad. He keeps Mel from cheating with such humor that both boys dissolve into giggles that thrill my heart. When Andy is frustrated while making his bed, he doesn't make fun of him, he gently comes along side and helps. I get numerous kisses and hugs throughout the day that aren't forced or unnatural. They are from his heart and I love it.

Hanna is quite the girlie-girl. She would wash her hair 5 times a day if I would let her. She loves necklaces and sparkle and color. She smiles readily and giggles a lot. At night when I kiss the girls goodnight, I peek into the room and find that Julia is sitting at the foot of the bed and they are whispering to each other. So far the language barrier is keeping them from talking too much, but I know as time goes on, this will change. Hanna loves to do her own hair and Julia's hair and my hair. She loves to dress up and has her own ideas about what she wants to wear. She delights in her dad's hugs and kisses and is happy to be with us.

I don't get the sense that anyone is hiding any fears or pretending to be "perfect". I think they were a part of this decision to find a new life, and so have looked forward to it as a new adventure. I know that they love Jesus and trust him fully. This is the foundation that is making this new family so blessed. In the coming days, weeks, and months I know we will face challenges, but with God's help, we will face them together.


Jessica Knitter said...

The kids look like they're doing great. They all look happy!!

Cindy said...

How wonderful! Sounds like things are going very well for you all. I know the language barrier can be a hinderance at times, but it's amazing how much you can still communicate - even though you dont speak the same language! We have just recently experienced this as well. After 2 months home, our litte guy speaks only English now.
I am so thrilled for you family. You are truly a blessed mama!!

Babs said...

Hey everyone! So happy for y'all.
Post more pictures when you Grab the chance.

sue said...

So happy for you, mother of FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!