Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Successful Fundraiser

Just wanted to share with you that we have raised enough money to pay for the fence around the Covenant Village property. The quilt featured to the right has been won, and our Tattoo fundraiser raised $1010!!! Rich was so busy that there was never time to do one for me. I guess I dodged the needle this time. The other Project Hopeful ladies and I are considering a design so a tattoo is still probably in my future. Thanks again to Rich and Bridget Kocis at Peace of Art Tattoos. http://www.peaceofarttatoo.com/
While this specific fundraiser is now over, we are constantly in need of funds to cover our office expenses, so feel free to continue to donate generously.

Exciting news also here at the Heim house. I will share soon, but please keep us in your prayers.



Melissa said...

Congrats! I just want to share that I'm a regular reader of your blog, and I've been really inspired by you to "act" more. I keep reminding myself that a crowd of people is nothing more than a bunch of individuals, and even if I think a problem is too big to tackle, it's still important for ME to do what I can.

Brian and Autumn said...

so happy to hear the fundraiser was a success!!

Nancy said...

You inspired me! We created a t-shirt. Here is the link - please pass the word on.


Our journey following Christ said...

Yeahhhh!! What great news! What a privilege to be a part of something so significant.

What's next?


ukraine09 said...

I found your blog through your family profile on Reece's Rainbow and wanted to say congratulations on your new daughter. I have been praying that these beautiful children will find their families.

We are currently in Ukraine adopting an HIV+ little girl that also just turned 4. We almost went to the orphanage your little girl is in, but then we saw our daughter's profile and knew she was the one for us. We are adopting from an orphanage in Kiev.

I am excited to follow your journey and will pray for you and your family.