Sunday, August 30, 2009



My friend moved me to tears with the last post. Biruk is getting a little fed up with all my crying. He says, "Why you cry when you happy? Give me a break!" Apparently he though I was stronger than that.
I did not expect her to write anything. I just wanted her to add the button with Bianca's picture and remove the picture of the quilt. She did so much more. Thank you Melinda!

It felt weird to have a link where I was essentially asking people to give me money. Give Me money. I have absolutely no problem asking people for money 'for Someone else'. But this is actually to benefit me. Well, Bianca and subsequently, me. Am I asking for money really? I think it is more like allowing the opportunity. Because really, most of you who read this blog are in the same boat as me. Stepping out in faith and waiting for God to provide the way. I assure you, He will ALWAYS provide the way. I have never had a personal "GIVE" button before, but I have ALWAYS had the funds when I needed them. (not always when I wanted them...)

Ok, enough of that.

How are things going for you? Are you encouraged today, or is your heart discouraged? I pray for you all, my dear friends:

Precious Lord,

Thank you for your mercy and love. Thank you for hope. Thank you that we can know in our hearts that you love us. That if You are for us, no one can be against us.

Please Lord, strengthen our hearts today. Give us courage to look forward- past all obstacles. Help us Lord to find our joy in your strength.

No may God Himself, the God of Peace, make you pure, belonging only to him. May your whole self: spirit, soul, and body be kept safe and without fault when our Lord Jesus Christ comes. You can trust the One who calls you to do that for you.- I Thessalonians 5:23


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