Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st day of School

It is finally the first day of school. I know, the kids are home schooled and therefore don't leave
me, but the start of school has been a needed thing. Summer has dragged on, and the kids have exhausted their need for free time.
Yes, those are uniforms that we are wearing. This year is a little different than last year. We have joined a school community called Classical Conversations. www.classicalconversations.com One day a week, we meet from 9am until 3pm. My four older children are in a class together, and Mel is in a younger class. There are tutors who introduce new material each week, and it is my responsibility to ensure that the children learn and understand. There is usually an assignment for them to turn in the next week. It is a nice balance for us. There is some extra guidance and accountability for me as well as the kids.
We all feel the first day was a success.


Our journey following Christ said...

Happy first day of school!! What a gorgeous class you have.

Enjoy your year!


Matthew and Amanda said...

Nice lookin' crew you have there! It will look even nicer with one more girl don't you think???