Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On the docket

Just going over a mental list of things to teach, or forward, do or ignore:

Avoid committing haricari while teaching the new kids how to write a proper sentence. Poking one's eyes out, pulling out one's hair, and screaming incessantly are also ill advised.

Put finishing touches on the adoption Q & A session Scott and I are holding for church. If you are interested and in the area, it is being held Thursday Oct. 8, 7-9 pm at Harvest Bible Chapel ministry center. 9850 W 190th St Mokena, IL.

Pack for and attend the Together for Adoption conference in Tennessee. Project Hopeful will be hosting a booth.

I need to have some Project Hopeful shirts embroidered. Before Thursday night. Right.

We need to camp 7 more nights before October 31.

Status of dossier: only documents needed are physicals, state background check and Home study. I am responsible for the first 2. The other one is on my social worker's list. When home study is done, we will await the I171h. Fingerprinting for that will be on Oct. 17th in Michigan City, IN. There is a site in Naperville, but we have to go to another state. Go figure.

Those are the immediate things. Hey, aren't the holidays just around the corner?


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Our journey following Christ said...


You're getting close! It feels so good when that dossier is done, doesn't it?

Many blessings,