Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Am I the only one?

In a departure from anything adoption related or spiritual, I am going to share the conversation I was party to on the way home from school today. I am sharing because I can't be the only one, and also, I must admit I was amused. I hope you will still hold me in some regard after you read this.

Brace yourselves.

The conversation began when Biruk told Hanna that it is rude for girls to fart. (you can guess what started this)
I said it was rude for anyone to fart.
Biruk wanted to know why everyone farts if it is so rude. (It has been pointed out that everyone does it sometimes. Yes, this is not our first conversation on the topic.)
We then discussed what is rude and what is not. In the bathroom is always fine, in some one's face is unacceptable, the accidental is unfortunately unavoidable, and therefore excusable.
This rapidly segued into why do they stink so bad and what color are they? Which lead to a spirited conversation about different colors and what a riot that would be.

Yes, I allowed the conversation and even participated when necessary. Believe it or not, they exhibited some good linear thinking and scientific observation. (Mostly I allowed it because I was laughing so hard. My girlfriend's husband says she and I are really 12 year old boys. I fear he may be right.)
Anyway, this is what rides home are like for me.
Please tell me I am not alone.


Erin said...

Nope, not alone. Comes with the territory of raising boys!

Shannon- said...

totally ccracking up!!!

Nancy said...

Uh, we just had this conversation at dinner (the 3 -year-old) with sounds effects too!

Kevin and Sue Krippel said...

Hahahahaha!! Yes, you are not alone! Beza and Aaron do this occasionally (expessially Aaron when he is trying to get a laugh)and then my mom says,"God says to talk about whatever is pure and right and holy", but I always laugh.(well sometimes, sometimes he is just being goofy). haha you gotta luv 'em though!- Kassy K

sue said...

Can you picture little Daniel coming up to me at yesterday's soccer game and loudly saying "me farted mom!"

Yes, he did.

Carolyn T said...

FARTS...a favorite topic here...Loud farts during quiet prayer at church...a particular favorite....So I ask you...is a loud fart during quiet prayer at church that was unintentional (or at least CLAIMED to be) rude or not rude??

"Indescribable" said...

too funny! Our quietest and most proper 5 year old can fart on command - her command of course - especially when she wants to sit in daddy's chair or get someone to move out of her 'chair'!

We've also had the conversation about 'what color farts are!'

again, too funny! we all do it and talk about it!