Friday, March 5, 2010

It kind of snuck up on me!

How did it happen?
This is certainly not something I planned.
Even my mom is shocked.
I woke up one morning to discover that I live in a zoo.
Not my kids behave like animals and this feels like a zoo.
An actual zoo.
Actually, it could be called a Rodent zoo.
It all started with a cat. For a very long time it was only the cat. Cats are normal. No one blinks at a cat.
Then we got a bird.
Still doing ok. It is a hand fed cockatiel. She is beautiful and funny and steals your breakfast. (it seems a little canibalistic that she likes eggs...)
Ok, some people are a little creeped out by birds, but still within the bounds of normal.
Enter the hamsters.
They are small- Russian dwarf hamsters, but there are four of them. And one got loose. And we have not yet apprehended the renegade rodent. And it has been replaced, so tecnically 5 hamsters, but only 4 are accounted for.
And then...


Two bunnies.

I don't even pretend that they belong to the kids. They are mine. Well, mine and Scott's.

We love them. They are named Butterscotch and Smokey. They are soft and cute and have a hard time hopping on the wood floors and sure they are little poop machines but they sure do make me smile so that means there are 8 maybe 9 pets in the house. That is not so bad is it?


Bridget said...

First a husband then the children then some pets...well You sound normal to me!!! Have a gr8 time with your newest family members. You have two or THREE weeks and I say "YOU GONE!"

Babs said...

so- who's got the pets' chores?
"teaches responsibility,etc"- yada yada yada.... well all I've heard from my kids about our Dog and Cat are- "Yuck- I have to touch that? Yea, they ate already... yea, I filled the water bowl last...- well, maybe yesterday". UgH!
So, if you don't LOVE your pets and they don't bring you Much Joy~ it's a zoo- otherwise... Your a Family!
p.s. hope that little rodent stink doesn't start from somewhere unknown...