Sunday, March 28, 2010

What does it look like to be God's Hands and feet?

This is a picture of 5 moms who helped at this weekend's resale. They represent 20 adopted children. Isn't that awesome?

Be God's hands and feet. That's something we've all heard before, but what does it really mean? Many times it is used when talking about doing something grand like being a missionary in some far off land, or donating some huge amount of money to a good cause. This weekend, I saw people actually being His hands and feet and we didn't leave Joliet.
My dear friend Cindy and her husband are persuing the adoption of an 8 year old HIV+ girl named Irena who lives in Ukraine. They have stepped out in faith to be her family and bring her home. How is it stepping out in faith to bring her home? The day they said yes, they did so knowing that they had 0 of the $27,000+ that they need in order to make it happen. You see, they are opperating under the impression that if it is HIS WILL IT IS HIS BILL. That's right, God is never going to ask you to do something and not provide the way to do it.
This weekend, we saw God make good on this promise.
Tim and Cindy had a rummage sale. In three weeks time, they sent out a mass email asking their friends to donate any items they no longer needed. Her church, Harvest Bible Chapel Joliet, donated the use of their gym to hold the sale. Many, Many friends dedicated their time helping organize, lable, paint signs, handle the check-out process, baby sit children, boil hotdogs for hungry workers, deliver large items that had been purchased, etc.
It was awesome. In 2 days, the sale generated over $4000, an ammount we hope will be matched by a grant from Lifesong.
This is what it looks like to be His hands and feet. It is seeing a need and meeting that need. Meeting this need here, helping with this sale, meets a need far away, Irena needs a loving family and a home.
In about 3 weeks, everything that didn't sell at this sale will be used at another sale in Mokena. This one will be to benefit the Kocis family. They are seeking to adopt a sibling group of 3 from Ethiopia. Her future 16ish year old son has a prosthetic leg and hearing loss. He also has 2 younger sisters, aged 12 and 9. They also need a loving family and a home. The Kocis family needs about $30,000 to make it happen. The sale after that will be in Crown Point, Indiana, to benefit the Lewis family who hope to adopt 4 HIV+ girls from Ukraine, and so it goes.
These families adopting these children, these friends donating items and working at these events, this is what it looks like to be God's hands and feet!

If you live in the South Suburbs of Chicago and feel your hands and feet itching to work, contact me to donate items for the resale, or if you just want to donate some money, I can tell you where to send that as well.

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Bridget said...

I love the look of God in motion. Some people see the vision and run into it others see it and run from it. I am proud this sibling set is available for God to use me in a mighty way. I do not want these children to complete me I want these children to help build the kingdom, Gods will be done. Like you say it His will be DONE! God has a plan and I will not run. I fight until my children come home. HIS WILL BE DONE!