Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have not left for Ukraine yet.
According to Traci the travel agent, tickets should have been purchased and used by now. My precious daughter should be in my arms learning to understand that in fact someone does love her. A whole family loves her. 7 people exist who yearn to hold her.
Unfortunately, Traci the travel agent has no real authority. The One in charge has said not yet.
This is the quandry. How to rest in God's peace and in his perfect plan and reconcile the surface reason for all the delays.
It appears that my file at CIS is not being delt with right now. It has turned into "The Money Pit". Every time I enquire about when I can expect to receive the I171H, I am told, "two weeks."
Meanwhile, half of my dossier will expire within those "2 weeks". In order to correct that, yesterday I went to the court house for new marriage certificates, went to Illinois State Police office for a new background check. I was told "2 weeks" there as well. My unstoppable pitiful and silent crying as I filled out the form and wrote the check created such empathy in the clerk's heart that she processed my request immediately and Scott will pick this form up today. This morning at 7:30am, Scott and I had fasting blood work drawn because the medicals will also expire withing those same "2 weeks". This afternoon we go back to the doctor for a cursory physical.
This leaves the elusive I171H. I have made an infopass appointment for Tuesday the 13th to get to the bottom of why I do not have this form.
I do know it will come and she will come home.
We appreciate your prayers!


Julia said...

Definitely praying... I know what you are going through!!

Audrey said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry. Been there. Cried those pitiful tears, too. You will get there!! Praying for it to be very soon!!

Bridget said...

My dear friend and your "2 week" waiting, I love you and am am so praying that God ...being the sovereign God that he is... will see that her needs are met and your travel will be soon. I am in that heart hurting paper trial too, and you are so there for me . May I be there for you as you need it. Many blessings and prayers are going out to you and your family from me and my family. Press on but REST IN HIS TIME LINE, easier said then done.

Melissa said...

how frustrating to be SO close, but for things to still be so uncertain ... may you be blessed with heaps of strength in these "two weeks".

ErinL said...

Hello. We are adopting Oksana (Olivia on RR) and are on the "Compiling Dossier" page with you. We just contacted our congressman's office last week and we are amazed at how USCIS gets hopping when you pull your congressman in! When we went to his website there was a section devoted to getting his help when dealing with government agencies. The ladies in his office are working miracles for us. I wasn't sure if this had been recommended to you but wanted to make sure someone did! If you have any questions you can contact me at