Monday, August 2, 2010


It is interesting to live for a time in a different country. As much as people are the same, they are also very very different.
For example:

A fifteen passenger bus/van can easily hold thirty-one people if they are willing to sardine a little.

While sitting on said sardined bus/van you become intimately acquainted with women who don't shave their pits, and occasionally, men that do. I found that last bit refreshing.

A man, wearing white pants and tight white tanktop, holding a white man-bag (think bowling bag), and bleached cornrows can still be rather masculine.

As much dirt as is here on the roads (you've seen my feet), people wear a lot of white and manage to keep it clean. Meanwhile, I am wearing dirt-brown capris most of the time and stain them regularly.

Final observation:

Dasha sure is one cute girlie!


Julia said...

AMEN ON THE LAST ONE!! We crammed Rob, Me, Elijah, 2 bags, 1 suitcase and a pillow into the backseat of a small car and drove 5 hours without air conditioning. If we had brought our other son... no one would have blinked... we would have crammed him in on top of us!!

Molly said...


Anonymous said...

LOL! Way to soak up the culture!! She is really just too adorable :)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely LOVE this post. hilarious ;)