Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to cute pictures

This is how she fell asleep on the way home from a dinner meeting. Natrually, she sat at the head of the table.
If you look closely at the upper right hand corner, Hanna was squeezing into the picture. I didn't know that, she is supposed to be sitting back in her seatbelt! Silly girl.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! So, what size does she wear?

Any chance you can enable name/url commenting?

traci said...

she wears 12-24 months depending upon the individual piece. She is very short.

i would enable name/url commenting if I knew how. bit of a moron over here. Just tell me what to do.

Mike said...

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"Violet" said...

Hi Traci!

What a doll she is and what an amazing family you have!
I'm Mel we are north of Chicago and moving forward to adopt at least one little girl currently at the same babyhouse : )

Best Wishes

andtwomore@blogspot /

Sherry White said...

Hi Trace!
I had a rare quite minute and popped over to see what's new with the Heims. Glad to see the kids are still cute and you're still sassy. Love ya! :)

Sherry White said...

oops, that should have said *quiet* someone keeps putting her fat little foot on the keyboard while I type... kinda distracting, but fun to squeeze :)

Helle said...

I hope you don't mine me saying this, but Dasha seriously must be the cutest little thing alive (that is, apart from my own daughters, but as a mom you know what I mean!)

I've followed your blog for quite some time and read about the ups and downs, but I never found the quite appropriate time to say it. But now I just jump, and I tell you (as if you didn't know, hehe) that your youngest daughter is as cute as cute can be! She's just darling!!