Monday, April 25, 2011

What an incredibly busy month April has been. I have been struggling to meet many deadlines, and in doing so, I have lagged behind in some of my other duties.
One of the issues has directly impacted a delay in a very important job. Namely, I am one of the many adoptive families who were hit with the "random" audit to insure that we qualified to receive the adoption tax rebate. It was no problem to have all necessary items for Dasha's adoption, having just completed it in August, but the February '09 completion of Biruk and Hanna's adoption left me rifling through all my past paperwork. I found that I still have receipts from Sveta's adoption in 1998 but receipts from 2008-9 are frustratingly absent. The IRS was kind enough to include a standard pre-addressed envelope to hold my supporting documents, but the 54 pages I compiled somehow didn't fit. All this to say that I am sorely lacking in funds that I should have readily available. A portion of our tax return had been allocated to finance the mission trip I am taking to Ukraine June 1. Airline tickets, travel expenses and supplies were all to be purchased with the tax return money. The money that they are withholding until they are sure I qualify to receive it.
We are tightening our belt and will make the trip anyway, but I am struggling to pay for shipping of many boxes of clothing I am sending to Nastia's orphanage in Slavyansk. So many people have donated gently used clothing and shoes, and I was going to pay for shipping. Unfortunately, due to the above situation, I don't have shipping funds right now, but the children still need it. Yesterday.
If any of you have any money you would be willing to donate to help pay for shipping, you can do so here.
All donations are tax deductible. If any of you are in my area and have any items you wish to donate, you can drop it off at my house, or call me and I will be glad to come pick it up.
Thanks so much!


Lisa said...

So frustrating! I'm being audited too and am expecting a sizable sum that I have in my head allocated for my current adoption. Not sure about these random audits when most I know are hearing that. Good luck!

Julia said...

I want go with you!!! I am crying. I want to go.

Aislinn said...

Oh Traci! Praying you have all you need to make this important trip....