Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Change a life, grow a family, have some fun!

If you've visited my blog, you've seen this little darling before. This is Addison. Her time is running out.

She will turn 5 soon.

Because of a cleft palate, she cannot form words regardless of how hard she tries. Her little mouth cannot make the proper sounds.

She will turn 5 soon.

When she does, it is likely that this precious child, who has clearly been sprinkled with a very generous helping of stinker, will be transfered into an adult mental institution. Once that happens, there will be no hope for her. There will be no help for her. Her earnest little face that struggles to form words will be walled up behind the gates of an ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION. If she were to be fitted for an oral appliance much like a common retainer, the hole in the roof of her mouth would be covered until she matured enough and could have surgery.
A MENTAL INSTITUTION because she can't have a RETAINER!!!!

She will be 5 soon.

The Allens are in love, committed, and ready to bring her home. They have scraped, sold, and prayed, knowing that God has asked them to do this and has promised a miracle.
He will provide.
Just how he will provide is being revealed in interesting and exciting ways. One of those ways comes in the form of an all terrain vehicle.

Yup,an ATV.

A very generous donor has offered to supply to the winner of this giveaway a brand new ATV. Read about it and join in the fun here.

She will be 5 soon...


Dave and Marilyn said...

thanks for posting this- I am glad to know that the Allens have a blog as well. May they be amazed at what God is doing to raise the necessary funds to get Addison home!
Marilyn Hohulin

Blessed Mommy said...

Hi Traci,
I met you briefly at the Project Hopeful forum a few months back and would love if i could please talk to you re; UA adoptions. Any chance I could email you privately?? Hope to hear from you!