Thursday, December 4, 2008

I don't feel so good

I realize I have done a disservice to my dear husband Scott. The few of you who don't know him have only seen him as the fish man. So here he is as of 10 minutes ago. More on him later.

I am a sickie this week. Did anyone else get more than a couple of extra pounds this holiday? I did. It started with a stomach bug and blossomed into a fantastic head cold/sinus infection. I don't quite get the progression. I was in bed most of Monday and all of Tuesday. feeling better on Wednesday. Now, once I get moving, I'm okay during the day, but around 7 I really start to tank. (that's more info than anyone really needs, but hey, I'm a giver)

When I am sick, it really becomes evident just how wonderful my sweet Scott is. He is the same person he always is, but when I have to slow down, his gentle character really shines. Even though he got into bed at 2 am, he gets up and makes sure everyone has breakfast and gets Mel on the bus. He got out all of the Christmas decorations and he and the kids decorated. If I had not been sick, I would have directed how everything should look. This way, the children got to use all of the decorations I am too lazy to put out. When there was no more space to decorate, he put all of the bins away. He didn't pressure me to "get better". (I always do that to him) He made sure I had enough blankets, brought me tea, took the kids to the village Christmas party, made sure chores got done, at least some school work got done, and the house does not look like a bomb went off. On top of all of that, there is still anxiety over the "12 pound turkey incident" and he is there to advise and comfort those who need it. While I would be stressed and anxious and pushing him to get over it, he gives me all the time I need.
When I have to slow down, I am shamed by my attitude toward him most of the time. I do not support him the way I should. I poke fun at him and he just smiles, I am bossy and he doesn't get flustered. He constantly shows me love, even when I can't stand my self.
Colossians 3:19
Husbands, love your wives and be gentle with them.
I don't know anyone who embodies this verse more than Scott does. While I have been known to rag on an on about him, Scott has always been gentle with me. He has consistently shown me love and consideration in spite of how I have behaved. Does he have trouble finishing a task? Sure. Is he easily distracted? Most definitely. Do I doubt his love for me? Not in a million years, because he loves me and is gentle with me.
Even though he is a cuddlebug and I am a porcupine, he loves me.
When I am all better, I will have to reread this post. Maybe print it out and use it as a book mark in my Bible so I don't forget.
He LOVES me.

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