Tuesday, December 2, 2008

picked up a tag

I picked up a tag off from another blog. Because I am new, I have never been tagged. It was more of a "if you've never been tagged, you're it" kind of a thing, but that's ok. So forth file, fourth picture.
This is a picture of flat Stanley going to Ethiopia with my friend Sue and I. He was experiencing a little air sickness. If you aren't familiar with Flat Stanley, it is a story about a boy who had a billboard fall on him while he slept. He was flat after that, so his parents sent him everywhere in an envelope. It has become quite a project to have students mail him to someone and they write a story about what Stanley did while he was with them. Instead of mailing Andy's flat Stanley to anyone, we took him to Ethiopia with us. He helped us deliver donations to AHOPE, watch the babies and just ended up in some really fun pictures.


sue said...

Flat Stanley was not the only one who needed the air sickness bag! LOL!



jodes said...

wow, and here I thought i was being cool bringing Flat Stanley to Chicago for my niece!

traci said...

I'm very competitive. It's nice to see I've shown you up!
I'm sure Flat Stanley had a great time in Chicago.
Nice to meet you.