Friday, March 6, 2009

Doctor visits

As any new adoptive parent knows, you are going to spend some time at the doctor. I took Biruk and Hanna on Tuesday. It was pretty typical. Weight, height, any medical history, age, draw blood for a battery of tests, tetanus shot. We debated back and forth about the TB test, we didn't know if the kids had received BCG shots in Ethiopia. If they had, it would be pointless to administer the traditional TB test because it would show positive. We went home without it. Our doctor wanted to confer with another doctor. Got the call later that day to do the test.
Went back on Wednesday at 11:00 for the test.
Back on Friday at 11:00 to read the test.
Small birthday party at McDonalds for Mel.
Home to play and ride bikes.
Back at the doctor at 5:00.
Biruk fell off of his bike.
Get xrays.
His radius buckled.
That's right folks, he broke his arm.
We go back in the morning at 9:00 for a cast.
That will make 5 visits in one week. They asked him if he wanted a job there.
He proudly came home and told his dad, "Dad, I will work at hospital."

What a kid. He told Scott, "Dad, this not good. Is broke."
He was right.


Matthew and Amanda said...

Tough week! Although it sounds like Biruk is a tough kid. I hope it will heal in time for summer!


"Indescribable" said...

I brought Mulugeta home a few weeks ago. He would love to talk to Hana and Beruk on the telephone. If you would be ok with this, please email me.


Brian and Autumn said...

Poor Biruk. And poor taxi driver...I mean Mom.

Christy said...

You've been nominated for a blog award! Come visit my blog to claim it