Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lost in translation

It has been an interesting month getting to know the "new kids". We spent a week together in Ethiopia, we were home a week, Scott went back to work the same week that I was so sick I didn't get out of bed until Thursday afternoon, last week we started school, and this week begins our 5th week together, 4th week in America. I think that is an accurate time line.

Well, as I seem to dwell on the fact that I get sick and just keep talking about it, I will share a story about it:
It is called "I am very sick with the flu and strep throat, please leave mommy alone in her room so nobody else gets sick" (that is a shout out for Junie B. Jones fans. The stories she tells always have titles like that.)
So you can guess that I stayed locked in my room and everyone else stayed out. It was pretty much a free-for-all for the kids. They were really pretty good. I only got up once to break up some against-regulation wrestling. (We have a strict no wrestling rule in the Heim house.)
By Friday morning I was up and about and hopeful that nobody else was going to become ill, when Biruk comes hunching down the stairs. He meets me in my bedroom doorway.

Biruk:(very sick sounding voice) "Mom, I sick".

Me: (CRAP) "Oh no, is it your head, your throat? Where does it hurt?"

Biruk: "My leg. It's sick."

So far, the only illness in the house since mine is Biruk's leg. I can live with that.

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