Monday, March 16, 2009

What's up with us...

I have been informed that my blog is stale and needs to be updated. I agree, but my mind is such a jumbled mess that I don't have any cohesive thoughts to write.
So guess what? I am going to open a window into the mess that is in my mind.

1. Just got back from Hearts at Home. Fabulous mom's conference that strengthens me and gives me focus. It doesn't hurt that I am there without my family. It is so much easier to love them when you aren't dealing with them. Took a class on finding the Hero in my husband. Loved it. Came home Saturday night and went directly to bed. By the time I had been up 30 minutes Sunday morning, I had apparently completely annihilated my husband without knowing it. I thought I was being very pleasant. Just chugging through the morning doing a mind check on what has been done and what needs to be done. As I was getting ready, I asked If Biruk had been given a bath while I was gone. (remember he has a full arm cast. We agreed that he probably does not want bath help from his mom and therefore Scott would do it) The answer was no. Needless to say, everything I asked had a negative answer. While I was just doing inventory, he felt I was continually cutting him down by pointing out stuff he had not done. Most of these were things that either of us could do. I was merely trying to figure out what needed to be done but it made him feel like I was saying he had not done anything. Naturally by the 3rd or 4th thing, he heard everything I said through cranky ears and felt that I had been riding him all morning. Way to implement what I had learned. I didn't even know I was doing it! Nice.
2. Scott very graciously made pancakes for breakfast on Sunday, but could not find the sausage that I told him was in the freezer.
3. I have at least one very stinky child.
4. I made sausage for breakfast this morning. (right where I said it was)
5.My 9 year old insists he doesn't know how to write a paragraph.
6.The 12 year old has mystery pain in his leg that wakes him up at night even through Tylenol 3 with codeine (takes it at night for the arm) He was kicked hard in the shin while in Ethiopia during a soccer game. The doctor believes he has a bruised bone. I had a bruised toe knuckle bone once (tripped jumping over a laundry basket- I am a dork) It was 9 months before I could sleep with the blanket on my foot because it hurt too much. Needless to say, his leg is going to hurt for a while, but he doesn't really get it. He looks betrayed every time he hobbles downstairs at 2am and all we do is give him some Advil. There is nothing else we can do.
7. I am 39 tomorrow. THIRTY NINE!!!!
8. I need to make an appointment for an Echo for Biruk. He has a murmur.
9. Hanna has a quarter sized abrasion on her cheek bone. It happened right before I got home on Saturday. It is really gross.
10. Julia wants to be called Svetlana from now on. It is hard to make the switch.
11. Mel has decided his leg hurts because Biruk's does.
12. I am experiencing a lot of anxiety over the fact that the spindles in my loft are a 18 inches apart and the kids and their friends keep playing up there. I am terrified that someone is going to fall and get killed.
13. Spindles were the only job that Scott was to complete before Mel came home in August of 2007 (still doing a great job of pointing out flaws. this one was on purpose)
14. I just noticed that Scott plugged in my cell phone because the battery was low.
15. Mel gets off the bus in 10 minutes.
16. I haven't planned lunch yet.
17. I need to shop for groceries.
18. I haven't had a shower yet.
20.I haven't gotten on the schedule to help the family of my friend who died yet.
21. I have a small house in Tinley Park for sale that is taking a toll on our budget. Anyone looking for a 602 sq ft home by the Train station in Tinley Park? It has 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms.
22. I haven't sent my daughter's birthday thank you notes yet. Oh no, my son's either.
23. I need a hair cut.
24. Haven't shaved my legs in weeks.
25. I am a year behind in my scrapbooking. Now I have 2 more kids who aren't in a book yet.
26. There has been a boat in our driveway for 2 years now. The only water it has been in is rain.
27. The 9 year old is still fighting writing a 5 sentence paragraph.
28. The 10 year old enjoys pretending she doesn't understand simple commands.
29. I love my life. (true statement. Not trying to convince my self here)
30. I am good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me. ( I am trying to convince my self here)
31. I forget to thank God and draw on his strength.

I could go on here, but you may be getting dizzy. I know I am.
Enjoy your day, and remember, if you are feeling crazy, you are not alone.
I am the queen of crazy.


Nancy said...

Great list!! You're funny. I especially like #30 :)

39????? Girl, you're in your prime.

Meg DeZutti said...

Svetlana is an AWESOME name.
When can I come for a visit??
You know all 5 are invited to the babyshow, right? Even though I'd imagine only Hana and Svetlana would really want to attend. (maybe Mel because he'll see friends from IEK.)

"Indescribable" said...

Your life sounds very familiar! Especially the part about home improvement needing to be done... for years!

It was great talking to you last week! THANKS!