Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Birthday party

It finally happened. After watching everyone but dad have cake and a party, it was Hanna's turn!!

We celebrated Hanna's 11th birthday on Thursday, the 21st.

It was a great day. She had lots of friends and family over and got many of the things on her birthday list. She is starting to grasp the fact that we cannot get her an mp3, a camera, a personal dvd, cell phone... all at the same time. She also realized that the cell phone will always be a dream.
She is a beautiful girl who is settling into our family steady by jerks, but she is settling in.


Jessica Knitter said...

Happy Birthday Hannah

Babs said...

HaPPY Birthday~ Hannah!
Cute pink Hat... Maggie would like to borrow it.
Looking forward to meeting you...
Aunt Cindy, Uncle Patrick, Connor & Maggie