Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Natural

Mel is a natural. Seriously. Whatever sport he tries, he excels in. This is his very first year playing baseball. We had a feeling that he was going to be something last year when the coaches would watch him play catch during Andy's practice and we would hear them try to figure out how to coach his team next year. As we are not very sporty people, this is all very new to us.
Since I am clearly bragging on my son, allow me to continue.
Tuesday was his very first game. When Mel got up to bat the first time, the man behind us said, "Watch this kid. He's good. I've seen him at practice. He can hit!" He went on to say that Mel needs to be the clean-up batter. It really makes your heart swell when you overhear others talking up your kids.
Besides batting, he has quite an arm. he can throw from 3rd base all the way to 1st base, and if the 1st baseman could catch, the runner would be out every time.
I realize this is 4 & 5 year old baseball, but still, he's good.
(This bragging moment brought to you by "My kid's better than your kid at baseball" Moms Anonymous)

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Meg DeZutti said...

so good to see his beautiful face again. I had almost forgotten how adorable Mel is!