Thursday, February 4, 2010

$5 face lift

Dear friends, I have an opportunity you won't want to pass up. I know about a $5 face lift.


You read correctly. $5.

Where might I get one of these face lifts you ask?

follow this link.
hit the paypal donate button.
donate $5 giving special instructions designating your donation to the Allen Family for Irena.
step 5
look in the mirror and see the smile you get from helping a family become whole!

Pretty cool, I know! Please tell all your friends. Lets watch this go viral!!!

I bet you are wondering who the Allens are, and why do I want to help them?
I'm glad you asked.
here is their blog:
Tim and Cindy Allen are a wonderful couple who are striving to become a family for Irena, a darling HIV+ girl from Ukraine. They need your help. They can be her family but have just one tiny little hurdle.
The matter of oh, $23,000.
If we pull together, this really is a small hurdle.
What do you say?
Get your face lift and make sure your friends do too!!!!


Bridget said...

LOve the ALLENS' I am so blessed to have been a part of there Church family. Please get your face lift I look 10 years younger after mine. Love you girls :)

K. Pirkle said...

Commenting on your post Frustration. I agree with you so much. We moved here to this state 3 years ago and of course started at a new church. We started our adoption not long after. We have yet to adopt, since we were in Guatemala and it closed. Then we went to Vietnam and it closed. In that, we lost $15,000+. We have been paying that off the last year so we can start again in another country. Anyway, back to the church, it has been I think the biggest disappointment to me that no one cares. I want to scream at them "don't you see all the children?, don't you see your wealth?" Did it ever occur to you that God gave you that money to use it for Him? " I has been so hard to attend church in such wealth and have about 1 person every 4-5 months even ask us about the adoption. You are correct, to most people, adoption is what you do when you want more kids, or what you do when you can't have kids. No one cares at our church and maybe I am not giving them the benefit of the doubt, but if interest = caring then there is none.
I have had people ask "why do you want more kids, you already have 3"
The last state we lived in, when we mentioned we were adopting, a psychologist from church pulled me aside and proceded to tell me that there is a very high percentage of adoptees in the prison system for about 45 min.
Our preacher's wife here, when hearing of our failed adoption said "maybe God is telling you no" I just can't see God having a family to love a child and deciding to keep that child an orphan.
Oh well, your post hit a nerve with me and I am glad that someone else feels the same way. Our life on earth is so not about us. It is about helping others and God's heart is so full for the helpless and you can't get much more helpless than an orphan. Thanks, Karen