Thursday, February 18, 2010

self correction

Dear friends,
As I struggle and wrestle with God's will and am infused with a passion to seek justice and protect the helpless and homeless, I have come to the realization that my passionate words may be doing harm.
In my last post I slammed "most Christian agencies." While my observations are true to my experiences, are they really constructive to say out loud? My intent is to spur change, but is that really my result? It may be that all I am really doing is giving Christian agencies a bad name. Therefore I am becoming an ally of satan by spreading discontent and a sour taste toward these agencies. Shame on me.
What I should be saying is that I know that these agencies are living out James 1:27 in the manner that they see fit. I am frustrated with how bureaucracy and culture has morphed this into something that should not be.
What would be more constructive? I feel a duty to you, my adoptive friends, to tell you the avenues that will best help you live out God's desire for you, while at the same time, I have an obligation to these other brothers and sisters of mine to cover them.
Forgive me for my misguided fervor. If you ever see me veering off into wrong territory, please do not hesitate to redirect me. If you have specific questions that you think I may know the answer to, please comment to me and we can arrange to speak one on one.
I encourage you, if you experience these frustrations with the agency you are dealing with, to lovingly confront them directly, in hopes that they will hear truth and seek change.
I will not mention the names of the agencies I am referring to, but I will tell you that they have prayerfully been contacted regarding these shortcomings, and we have hope that truth will be heard and changes will be made.
I do not wish to be a source of discouragement for anyone and I hope that I am not a detractor to our Lord Jesus.
Very sincerely,

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