Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are you kidding me?

I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that most Christian adoption agencies are the biggest obsticle to placing orphans and therefore satan's greatest ally in the orphan crisis.
Why is it that Christian agencies, who only work with Christian adoptive families, place the most restrictions on placement, with the end result of each adoption being to provide the "American Dream" for the orphan?
1. Don't put 3 children in one room.
2. We won't help you financially, but don't you dare finance an adoption, only autos and large houses (you know, so each kid can be isolated within their own room)
3. Heaven forbid the child might have a birthdate too close to another child in the family.
4. Don't even think about bumping birth order.
5. Reduce fees? Are you kidding me!!!!

These are the standard guidelines for most Christian agencies. While they waste time trying to meet these unrealistic standards for Christians who are trying to live with God's will, "secular" agencies are bending over backwards to find and place these precious children. 3 kids in a room- sounds cozy. Artifical twinning- do you as a family understand what this entails? Ok, go for it. Same for birth order bumping. It's not a given, but will certainly be considered. And the fees? commonly slashed for older children and sibling groups.

I know someone right now who has been told by the case worker that "it does not feel like a good fit for me, so let's not go any farther."

They were being considered for a 5 year old boy. He would share a room (a very large room) with 2 other boys. He would not be an artifical twin, but others within the home were, so, no. And besides, you might take on a little debt in order to finance this. (A Christian agency who should realize that God our heavenly Father PROVIDES!!!)

I am not kidding.

This is breaking my heart.


Melissa said...

When I was very young, my parents tried to adopt from El Salvador - inspired by my aunt and uncle who adopted from there while living there as missionaries. Unfortunately, that never came to be. Why? Because, although our family attended a conservative Mennonite church (my grandparents used to be Amish for crying out loud), we were not conservative ENOUGH for the agency. Ew.

Bridget said...

I hear your heart speaking tome, Love your drive. I am praying for the families out there with a heart to do Gods will and not concerned about the financial angle. GOD WILL PROVIDE IF HE WANTS IT DONE!!!! Man can not put a price tag on HIS work.

Andrea said...

WE have run into this issue ourselves, the Christian agencies not being willing to work with us, Christians, because of some reason or another. Just annoys the crap out of me. God has placed 2 amazing children with us through secular agencies that have been great!