Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She's still cute!

today I went to visit Dasha all by my self. I got on bus 24 which took me to the bus depot. Then I got on bus 19. I watched for the court house because I get off the bus on the next stop, then I walk about a mile to the orphanage.
I did it! No problem.
Here are some more delightful pictures of Dasha. (are there any other kind?)

Looking for the cookies.

Arm deep in the cookie bag!

Her dress had a tag today. I was not expecting to se this!

Ok, so someone tell me that Gap clothes run big!


sue said...

Wow! Grace (4 months old now) is wearing 6 to 9 months! I am not sure if Gap runs big.

Me. Us. She. said...

Yes, Gap 6-12 months does run big. Ariam is just over a year old (we think she's 14 months) and still wears 6-12 months easily. In fact her shirt today is Gap 6-12 months. She weighs about 21 pounds. Maybe the dress Dasha is wearing is stretched out a bit from washings??

Anonymous said...

Wow! I would have thought Dasha would be wearing about an 18 month size. Love her little head scarves.

Tracey Sharp said...

I find some Gap things that run big but not all of them! She sure is one little cutie!! Just curious....Why do they always have something on her head although the scarves are real cute!

Katie Frances' Family said...

My 26 month old wore a pair of Baby Gap pants this week that are size 12 months. She normally wears 24 months. We don't have much from Baby Gap, so maybe you're right about it running big.