Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shoe school

Since I don't get to visit Dasha on the weekends, I have no new cute photos to share. So, I thought I would have an impromptu class on proper footwear for those of you set to come to Ukraine soon.

Here goes.

Ladies, I don't care what kind of cute shoes you brought for the trip. I don't care what looks good with your court outfit. I don't care if you are a shoe snob. When you pack for Ukraine, get yourself some shoes like this:

Not like this:

Again, this:

Not this:


Not this:

No flip flops, no strappies, no thongs, no spikes, no low heels, no high heels, no mid heels, no heels of any kind, no wedgies, no espadrilles, no gladiators, no fake Crocks, no high-tops, no shoes without support, no shoes unless they are for sport. In short, get yourself some very good WALKING SHOES!

In case you missed it, I recommend these, made by LandsEnd:

Of course, wearing shoes of this type bring about a whole other problem,

(this is my foot after a soak and scrub with a pumice stone, brush, and file followed by lotion. Lots of lotion.)

but nothing an excellent pedicure won't remedy once you get home!


Julia said...

Too funny!! Very cute post. Your tiny little girl is darling. My e-mail is - We made it home safe and sound but of course with some adventure to add memories to this crazy call by God. Trying to rest and reconcile. You both have been an inspiration in Grace and Trust to us as we journey this road. I know that our 'chance' encounter with Scott was definitely God-ordained. How wonderful a God we serve who provides all that we need in each moment of our lives. Again leaking tears as I write this and marvel, wonder and struggle....

Michelle Z said...

LOVE IT! So true! And your cute shoes would go great if someone was to wear a nightgown as a dress & walk around town. Just sayin' :)

Bridget said...

I am ready for the pedi and mani run. Come home soon!!!!

Babs said...

You bring joy to whatever the circumstance is! Miss you friend!!

Shelley said...

Are you sure you didn't sneak into my house and photograph MY foot? I recognize those heel fissures! I don't think your little one could be any cuter! She reminds me of the little girls in British films (like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). May God's peace and protection cover you all the way!