Monday, April 20, 2009


Guess who thought he could play soccer with the Ethiopians, like the Ethiopians (no shoes).
Guess who was wrong.
That's right. Scott. He is the winner of not broken bones, but major soft tissue damage!
The word surgery was bandied about, but after 3 rounds of x-rays, a cast was settled on.

It was a tough game, nearly all of the kids (22) and 2 adults were in a fierce battle to dominate the field. After a number of near misses and shouts of "Please put your shoes on!" Scott was down. His toes folded under his foot as he ran across the yard. He hobbled off the field as the children cheered their victory.
Scott chose a "wait and see" attitude even as his foot continued to swell. He elevated his foot that night, suffered through church the next morning and finally admitted defeat as I drove him to urgent care. A follow up visit with the orthopaedic and the splint confirmed a diagnosis of O-L-D syndrome. You guessed it, folks. Scott is old.

(If you're wondering where this picture was taken, it's in my basement. Don't get me started.)


Team Info said...
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Audrey said...

Oops - posted that previous comment with my work id! Let's try this again:

Oh my - well, he looks mighty happy considering the circumstances!

I'd fight that O-L-D diagnosis though, big time! ;)

Meg DeZutti said...

So let me get this straight... B lost his cast last week so Scott decided SOMEONE in the house needed one?? Crazy husband!!