Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's rant, Shall we?

lets start with the small stuff and then get to the big stuff.

First, what is it about hair stylists that makes them go out of their way to disregard what you have asked them to do? I got my hair cut last night and watched, astounded, as she did everything I asked her not to do. Before she ever began cutting, I told her what I wanted. If she couldn't do it or didn't understand, she should have sent me elsewhere. Instead, she began cutting. And cutting. And cutting. It was clear to her that I was becoming less and less pleased. At one point I actually said, "please don't cut that." She paused, snipped, and said,"What? Oh, did you ask me not to cut that?" Yep, I did. Before you ever began cutting, and then one second before you did.
I finally said please stop now. She wanted to know what could have happened differently, how can she fix it. I told her it was entirely my fault. I should have gone to the place that originally did what I wanted. I walked in to this place and said, "don't touch the front, and take the back off." For $7.99, she did it. Really, $7.99.
I'll stop now. Believe it or not, my hair is cute. Just so very not what I asked for. I don't get it. Every other woman I see has a variant of this cut. I have had it on my very own head! Maybe it's better that it's an original. Whatever.

On to rant #2

What is it about a simple command from Mom that makes every kid ask "Why?"

Get your shoes and coat. Why?
Get in the Car. Why?
Get your finger out of your nose and use a tissue. Why?
Stop talking. Why?
Be nice to your siblings. Why?
Eat dinner. Why?
Set the table. Why?
Get the fire extinguisher. Why?

I think you get the point. I have a number of problems with my children asking why. I understand curiosity, but when they ask, there are a number of implications behind the seemingly innocent question.
When they ask the question, they are making a value judgement about what you are telling them to do. Like there is an option. Maybe they don't have to do it if they don't deem it necessary. The bottom line is it doesn't matter WHY. There is a hierarchy in the family and I am the boss. It sucks to be the boss, but it is true. Someone must be in charge and it is me.
When they ask, (about absolutely everything) it says that my position as leader is in question. It is wrong and offensive. They don't realize that that is what is happening, but I do. I have children in the home who do not have a foundation in this family. It really is imperative that everyone understand how the family runs. If I am not in charge, who is? Where is their security? How can I protect them if they don't have to obey? That really is the bottom line.

Additionally, if anyone else asks me "Why", I really do think my head may explode. I actually gave the kids this advise: "When mom tells you to do something, just say 'yes mom', and then do it.

so the answers are:

It's cold outside and we are going somewhere. (quickly followed by the question "Where?" like maybe they don't have to go if they don't want to...
Again, we are going somewhere. See answer 1
Hello, it's gross!
I do not argue with my children. Therefore, stop talking.
It is the law.
Dinner is ready.
I told you to.
GET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have more, but I am sick of complaining. I will save more for another day.


Meg DeZutti said...

I bet your hair is adorable and want to see picture proof!

traci said...

there is one area that is a little chopped up, but it is ok.
I will work on posting a pic
thanks for your sweet words.
can't wait for little Sam!

amy sedor said...

traci, I have to ask, WHY?

amy sedor said...

by the way, love the ranting blog! you always, well except with the leg, make me laugh. love you!!!

Tami said...

Picture please!
Are your kids taking lessons from mine?! :)