Saturday, April 11, 2009

The hair photos.

Ok, so I'm not wearing any makeup and it is getting late, but I will share the bad hair with you. (I used the crystal eye web cam. Really fun!)
Tiny rant:
How hard is it to stack the back?! I think she thought I said hack the back.
Look at the last photo, everyone knows the front is supposed to be the longest. It was before she started cutting. It isn't even even.
Let me just also say, Dude do I have a big nose!
Now, make me feel better please. About the hair, not the nose. That's not her fault.


Meg DeZutti said...

Are you kidding me? Okay, I was expecting you to have short hair like me. I think it's is gorgeous! I love how the back is long enough to kind of kick out. Very hip. You make me want to grow out the front of my hair. But I can't. Because I have a HUGE head and it makes me look rediculous so I have to have short hair all over. But you, your GORGEOUS!!! (did that work?)

amy sedor said...

looks fine you knucklehead. hope that makes you feel better.

Nancy said...

When I clicked onto your blog and saw the first photo I thought, "I love her hair style" (I'm thinking to get this myself in the fall). It looks great!

traci said...

You guys are awesome!! So nice that nobody commented on the nose besides me.
I feel so much better. (it looks better in pictures)

Audrey said...

I love your face in the first photo - that deserves a caption contest - too funny! The hair is very cute - quite stylish, I think. Wear it with flair, I say! And, I, of all people would never criticize anyone's nose - mine has it's own zip code!