Thursday, April 23, 2009

The low down

Ok. We went to the doctor today. The good news is that the blood work doesn't show an infection. The bad news is that the blood work doesn't show an infection. His problem is not presenting typically for infection or cancer or tumor. It is a mystery. Therefore, just like I thought, he wants a biopsy. He can schedule it for the 30th, but first, he would like to see another xray to see if there is any bone change since last month. Great. No problem. Well, small problem. He is on the north side of Chicago, and all xrays need to be taken in Tinley Park. If that had been included in the last Doctor notes, we could have had them done and brought them along. Instead, we have to come back to Tinley Park. Pronger Smith wants the doctor notes before they will okay the xrays. I found a way around waiting for approval of doctor's notes. I made an appointment with Dr. Marcus who will call for the xrays. We go Friday morning at 10:40. Then I have to drive them to Northwestern (Dr. Yasko's other office) so he can read them and schedule the biopsy. Before I can take them downtown, we are closing on a refinance at 1:00. Then I will run downtown. I need to be back in time to take the girls to the church where they go to GEMS at 4:15. They are going to a camp in Wisconsin for the weekend. I have to do all of this because Scott can't drive. On top of that, we have a 9am breakfast birthday party and if I don't get all the info to the doctor in time, it will be 2 weeks before we can have the biopsy done because the doctor is going out of town again.

To recap, this is the schedule for Friday:
9:00 birthday party
10:40 Pronger Smith for xrays- but not Tinley Park, I have to go to Blue Island (one of those places that is difficult to get to, in a vortex so to speak)
1:00 close on re-fi at the bank
2:00ish take family home and go to Northwestern in Chicago
4:15 Girls to Church for camp drop off
6:00 Baseball practice until 8
I had a doctor's appointment at 5:45, but I canceled it
After all of that, they may not approve the biopsy in time for the 30th.

Deep breath, it will all get done and what will be will be.
That's all for now.


Erin said...

I hope Scott is feeling guilty about this inconvenience he's caused. What a mystery, I hope it gets sorted out quickly.

traci said...

To be honest, he seems blissfully ignorant of my put-outness. I had to explain the urgency of getting the biopsy done on the 30th! Ah to be so disconnected from it all... He is sooooo lucky I love him so much and that he is so awesome in so many other areas.

amy sedor said...

ok, seems the 2:00 NW aptmt is going to clash with the 4:15 drop off. I have analyzed this. it won't work. no, really, it won't.
don't say another word....
You need to find a pal to drive the girls over to the church.
TRUST ME on this one.
Call a friend. use a lifeline. go. now. pick up the phone.
amy (your time manager)

traci said...

Oh ye of little faith.
You are right. I have a backup if I don't get home in time, but I bet I can make it. Really. Plus I think I will get to leave before 2. And besides, I am not bound by the confines of time or space. Not really, but I know people who think so. The assistant at the doctor's office wants me to call when I am almost there and he is going to run down so I don't have to park.
I will let you know what happens.

Meg DeZutti said...

Praying that Friday works out smoothly for you guys! B is such a brave young man! Poo-poo on Scott for being in a cast and not able to drive (doesn't he have 2 feet anyway?? A cast should not = an excuse! hehe!)
Are we going to see you on Saturday w/ Mel?? Hope so!!!!