Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Helmoo again

It's not just the adoption process and all of its variables that help refine me of impurities, it's this parenting thing that also works me over.(MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
I have a son who is just like me, so you can guess who is always under my skin. In honor of the doppleganger, a story to remind me of just how much I love him.

When Andy was learning to read, he really didn't want to do it. It was like pulling teeth to get him to read. (pretty much like getting him to do any school work)
I went to Heart's at Home- a conference to encourage mothers. There I found a darling book for sons and mothers to read together. It was called I'd Be Your Hero. In it, a boy tells his mother all the different ways he would be her hero, and the mother comments on it and a bible verse is at the bottom of each page. I thought it would be perfect. I envisioned him sitting on my lap and we would read aloud to each other.
When I came home, I gave him the book. It was just like I imagined it. He sat on my lap and we read together. I can't believe Scott didn't take a picture of this Norman Rockwell moment. Later, Andy asked to read the book with me again. He read very diligently. I was so happy. Near the end of the book, Andy stalled on a word. I peeked around his head to see what he was stuck on. "Andy buddy, you know that word." "Yeah Mom, I know. That word is "after". But ya know, if you move the letters around, you can spell FART."

That's my boy.
Norman Rockwell, eat your heart out.

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