Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The known and the unknown

This is Scott. (In case you didn't recognize him)
What we know is that he is having an allergic reaction. Cause- unknown.
My poor sweet Scott. I just really wanted to share this photo. It's so horrible and funny. So I started thinking about his situation. In addition to the facial swelling, he also breaks out in hives so large you can see the bumps through his clothes from head to toe. Clearly he has a problem. CLEARLY.
We have a solution. He carries an eppi-pen and he takes Zyrtec every night. He hasn't needed the eppi-pen, but if he misses even one pill at night, he has hives the next day.
What is unclear is what is causing this reaction. The specialist has no idea. NO IDEA. Interestingly enough, she feels that this condition will last up to 6 years and then go away. I find it odd that she can know, that something she doesn't know, will last for an exact amount of time.
This world is like that. It has a problem. The difference is, the cause is known.
We also know the remedy
Ephesians 2:10
For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
God has already prepared in advance for us to DO SOMETHING!
As the economy crumbles and pundits exclaim, "We can't go on living like this!" I wonder, can't we? I have heat, purified water, a paycheck, food in the refrigerator for 3 meals a day, clothes to spare, don't get me started on shoes, cell phones, cable, pizza delivery, 2 cars, comfortable beds, blankets, pillows, books, the list never ends. We can't go on like this? I think we can go on like this for quite some time.
There are many in this world who do not have this luxury. Who am I kidding. Most in this world do not have this luxury. Who REALLY "CAN'T GO ON LIVING LIKE THIS"
I'm new to blogging so I don't know how to do those great links with the pictures. Click on this:
Make a difference for the ones who really really can't go on living like this. We are the BODY OF CHRIST. Our arms are to be reaching to help those in need. We are to adopt the children with no parents. Aid the widow. Feed the hungry. Shelter the homeless. Seek and save those who are lost. Give until there is nothing left but Christ.
I know I wanted to poke a little fun at my wonderful husband, but I won't make his spectacle be in vain. We must do something. As much as we can. Lets reach out our hands and let Jesus use them.


Melinda said...

Traci, I can't believe that is Scott! Wow, I have never seen someone have a reaction like that. Is this from today? If so I hope he is better now.

traci said...

This is from a couple of months ago. Once his face started swelling, he went to the Dr.

sue said...

I rememeber when that happened, but I never saw him during that time.

How frustrating to not know the cause!

sue said...

sorry, it is "remember" :)

See, I've stayed up too late!

Heidi said...

Hi Traci,
I have this happen to me - it's crazy. The doctors ask about soaps, foods etc. but that never did anything. IT'S STRESS! Even if he doesn't "feel stressed" his body is reacting to internal stuff. I kept a log of what I was feeling that day and also of what I ate. I take 2 Benedryl every night too. Take it easy and he needs to relax - take the time to "chill" each day. (make it a point). Anyways - hope this helps!